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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad Dog! Bad Kitai!

So, this is what happens when Kitai doesn't get his daily walk. The last couple of weeks we had a LOT of rain! After about 4 days of not going on his normal walks Kitai will tear into a toy or pillow and commit stufficide, strewing the white fiber-fill stuffing all over a room. He may be the Cutest Dog Ever.com but on days like these I feel like I should have named his website Naughtiest Dog Ever.com. Thankfully the weather cleared a bit so we've been out stretching our legs each day keeping Mr. Fuzzalumpa healthy and happy!


  1. hysterical. eintein would do that sometimes with bags og dog food.

  2. LOL Kitai has never got into a bag of food before. He's too short to reach the cabinet. But if he could, he would :D


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