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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hartmann Studio's Showcase: A Rental Wonderland

Over the years I have often enjoyed sitting on Hartmann's chairs, couches and bar stools, viewing their props, greenery and sculptures while dining at their tables beneath their dramatic lighting fixtures. Last week I finally had the opportunity to go to the source.

It almost felt like a trip to a museum. From giant sculptures to international sets and themes, I saw an Eiffel Tower, the biggest disco ball you can even imagine, a life size horse sculpture and more.

At Hartmann you can rent almost anything you need or can imagine you want as they even have an onsite wood shop for building props. The possibilities seem endless from a simple red carpet to, well.... You'll see....

This was the first of many display areas I wandered into that day. They can bring all of this to wherever the party is and set it up, just like this, to recreate any space into something extraordinary.

There were several themed displays like this Bollywood scene.

The dining tent with full scale chandelier was just gorgeous!

Every display was complete to the last detail of dining ware, glasses, and fresh floral displays.

International Flair

Prefect for creating an Italian backdrop, this faux statue would look gorgeous dramatically lit.

I wanted to take this Buddha home with me but I think it was taller then any room in our house.

There was several of these western frontier building facades. They reminded me a lot of Disneyland.

Plants as far as the eye can see. Hartmann has an onsite greenhouse and rows upon rows of small shrubs and topiaries that they bring on location.

Hartmann also rents chairs for events. All different kinds from chiavari....

To many other shapes, sizes and colors.

And this was amazing. Row after row of linens neatly folded and ready to go. There were rows and rows of linens, a washing machine you could practically pull your car into.

This lantern was huge. I'm not sure of the exact height but it had to be over 10 feet high.

Another giant lantern. If you look closely you can see people walking beneath it for scale.

Tables and Chairs

There were many samples of dining areas to view. The way I can best describe touring the display areas like this is that you walk down long rows that are basically divided into small stalls. But instead of horses in each stall is a fully decorated table top or lounge area.

To the right in this photo you can kind of see the small stall areas.

Hartmann Studios is located in Richmond just a turn off of the freeway. They have a gated, private parking lot and are just up HWY 580 Northwest of Berkeley.

If you ever go there for a consult I'd highly recommend dropping by Fourth Street in Berkeley on your way back. That's what I did. I had a nice afternoon of shopping at the Crate and Barrel outlet and the Pasta Market and had dinner with a friend at O Chamé (pronounced Oh-Cha-may), one of my top 10 favorite places to dine in the Bay Area. Parking can be challenging at lunchtime and on weekends so going at an off hour is always a good thing. Going in a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightening is even better. LOL the rain was so severe that day it was almost a ghost town. But that made it easier to park and shop so the next time it's pouring on a weekday afternoon think of Fourth Street and drop on by.

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