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Friday, February 5, 2010

Is a "Cartoon You" in Your Future?

For me, it started with a simple cartoon version of a bride years ago when I created my "The Flirty Bride" logo. That happy looking little bride made everyone who saw my business card smile.

Because I really enjoy giving people a reason to smile I started making more and more little cartoons of more and more people, including me! While a cartoon version of yourself as your logo might not work for every kind of occupation, when it is appropriate, a "cartoon you" can become an immediate branding success. It can help to give your company a memorable look that evokes friendliness and an easygoing personality.

To get started most artists only need a photo of you and perhaps photos or a description of what you want to be wearing and or doing. They may be called drawings, caricatures, cartoons or illustrations but no matter what you call them they're so cute!

Cartoon versions of yourself can also be used as an online avatar on social websites like Facebook, or as illustrations for invitations. You may recall that my hubby and I used a cartoon version of ourselves on our Save the Dates and printed wedding invitations.

The samples posted here approximately range between $250-$450 (per person). Most designs begin with only the image of you and extra accessories and backgrounds can cost more. Illustrations usually come with a limited use license that will state something along the lines of that you can use the illustration for promoting your company but not to be used as a design on "for profit" items you intend to sell. A full use license usually costs more but will give you the right to create "for profit" items that you can then resell.

Below are examples of different styles of custom illustrations by three different designers ranging from classic cartoons to refined illustrations:

Business Branding for Best Wedding Blogs by: Girl Goes Geek

Business Branding for I MC Events by: Girl Goes Geek

Helping Janet Marrow Donor Drive by: Girl Goes Geek

Business Branding using a Colorized Caricature by: Dan's Cartoons

As a Gift by: Dan's Cartoons

A book illustration that you can also see on Dan Waintrup's blog by: Dan's Cartoons

Business Branding for Parisian Events by: Astrid Mueller Exclusive

Business Branding for a real estate agent by: Astrid Mueller Exclusive

“Illustrations and blog header design for Broke-Ass Bride by: Astrid Mueller Exclusive

So cute right? If you're ready to become an illustrated character of yourself here are some companies who can help you out:

Cartoonist Dan Rosandich at DansCartoons.com

Illustrator Astrid Mueller at AstridMuellerExclusive.com

Stacie Tamaki (that's me) at GIRLgoesGEEK.com

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