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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh My Gosh, I'm so excited I can't sleep!

Follow the Engadget Live Blog coverage of the big announcement by CLICKING HERE then hit refresh, refresh, refresh starting at 10:00 AM!

I am SO EXCITED! Apple Inc. will be unveiling their mythical tablet today in San Francisco! I know a lot of people have asked why would anyone want a tablet? I can tell you why I want one. Because I spend a lot of time out of the office meeting with people, tromping around SF and the Greater Bay Area, and my laptop starts to get pretty heavy lugging it around after awhile.

I'm also hoping that the new tablet has a photo album in it. I REALLY want a larger photo album because being able to store images is why I wanted my iPhone in the first place, so that I can always have a mini portfolio with me. Big purse + small tablet = accessible portfolio at all times. The iPhone does a good job of showing people images and screenshots of my websites and what I do (The Flirty Guide, this blog, my flirty illustrations, marrow donor info, and what my dog's Halloween costumes look like) but to have an even larger screen would be GREAT!

So basically, if the mythical tablet is revealed today I just want it to have photo albums and be smaller and lighter then my laptop and I'll be one happy camper. I wonder if they'll be releasing an iTablet Touch? I guess that's what I really want. Oh yeah, and I want my hubby to get me one for Valentine's Day. A girl can hope right?

BTW I'll probably find out when hubby gets home tonight that he knew all about it all along. But he's a stickler for honoring the non-disclosure agreements he has to sign at work. He won't ever tell me ANYTHING about ANYTHING he's working on! I've been asking him and talking about the mythical tablet for months now.... And he always says the same thing "What is this tablet device you are speaking about? I haven't heard anything about a tablet."

Terry McGraw spilled the beans on CNBC a day early... Seriously, Isn't that kind of like standing in front of a movie theatre on opening day with a bullhorn shouting out how the movie ends?

HA! Yeah right. He knew about the iPhone for months because he wrote the diagnostic software the phones are tested with before they leave the factory. I'm pretty sure he knew about this device too. But I won't find out until later because unlike Mr. McGraw, CEO of McGraw-Hills Publishing, my hubby knows how to keep a secret.

It remains to be seen how Mr. Steve Jobs is going to react to someone stealing one of the most anticipated announcements of his career. I don't usually mock people (other then my hubby and myself) on my blog but Mr. McGraw really pulled a number on those of us who eagerly await seeing Steve Jobs make his new product announcements via live blogs. Maybe he forgot what day it was. Maybe he got confused under those hot studio lights and thought the tablet had already been announced... I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure he's a nice man who maybe just got a little carried away with having to keep such a big secret for so long. I'm already pretty much over it this morning but seriously, the next time someone associated with a new Apple Inc. product thinks about preempting Steve Jobs, please don't. It spoils all the fun.

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