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Monday, February 15, 2010

Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza for Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day 2010 I created what I affectionately called a "Pizza of Love" for my hubby's dinner.

First I cut out all of the ingredients into heart shapes. The pepperoni I used kitchen shear to cut them one by one. It only took a few minutes. I folded each piece of pepperoni in half and cut them out like paper hearts. The bell pepper and mushrooms I used a small cookie cutter.

I found the crust recipe online. Despite dozens of comments raving what a great crust recipe it is I want a better one. If you have a great crust recipe you're willing to share I'd love to have it! I plan to continue testing recipes and making more pizzas until I've perfected the end result.

The "Pizza of Love" ready to go into the oven. I found these cool pizza screens at Sur la Table. They allow the crust to get nice and toasted on the bottom. They worked great except I should have lightly coated it with oil as the crust stuck to the screen in one tiny spot.

He ate the whole thing :P

This was my pizza: minced sauteed fresh garlic, chopped pineapple and artichoke hearts


  1. Since you're already a fan of pineapple on pizza (you'd be surprised how many people turn their noses up at that), I thought I'd share my hands-down favorite pizza topping combination with you: jalepenos and pineapple. Another vegetarian friend of mine and I came up with it while at a pizzeria in San Francisco (while we were eating our way through the city during a national conference there), and I shared it with my husband a few months later when we started dating. It's a nice and different veggie combo, so much more inventive than ordering the pizza place's default veggie pizza which ultimately is full of olives and bell peppers which I don't care for. Anyway, if you dig spicy things at all, I suggest you try it! (And your mileage may vary depending on how hot the jalepenos are that your favorite pizza establishment uses. I like ones that are somewhat spicy, if they're too hot, I have to start picking them off two or three pieces in.)

  2. Thank you Kate. it's a great suggestion!

    I have ordered jalapenos, artichokes and red onion before. I'm not one for super spicy but I've come to realize if I cut anything up small enough and scatter it, it creates for a better pizza flavor experience. The last time I ordered the above pizza, as soon as hubby brought it home, I picked off the huge chunks of artichoke and all of the jalapeno, minced them and scattered them back on the pizza. It was perfection!

    LOL we could share a pizza together. I don't care for black olives (I do love kalamata) or mushrooms ever, and don't care for green bell peppers on pizza (though I do like them in certain other dishes), so when they are on a pizza I always pick them off. I think learning to make our own will be so much more fun and tasty!

  3. Also thank you to Randy for your suggestions sent privately. We do have a pizza stone. I wanted to try the screen because I really liked the pizza at Zaw in Seattle and it was the kind that you bake right on the oven rack.


    I figured if I didn't like the screens I can use them as cooling racks when I bake cookies :)

  4. Awww... how cute was that! Did John enjoy it?


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