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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Thought I Wanted an iPad...

A not-so-wise person once said to me "Aim low and you'll never be disappointed." Of course I have never embraced this philosophy. At least I thought I hadn't. But yesterday I learned that perhaps it's time to raise my goals and expectations. LOL

First I have to start off by thanking my friend Katherine for the cool eco-friendly, gift wrap bag she picked up for me after Christmas. We had had a discussion about not using wrapping paper when she happened upon this cute fabric bag designed for the sole purpose of being used in place of wrapping paper, bought it and sent it to me.

My hubby doesn't believe in using wrapping paper because he thinks it's wasteful so I said I was going to sew some cute fabric pillowcase type bags that he and I could reuse each Christmas. For the past three years I've received my Christmas gifts in grocery bags, not wrapped in grocery bags, just placed inside of bags so that we can reuse them again.

When hubby asked what I wanted for Valentine's day I said an iPad. I'd been hoping for an iPad IOU since they aren't actually available until March and April but to be honest I wasn't really expecting any gift at all.

What a shock! I couldn't believe it at first. At first I wondered to myself if hubby had simply used an old powerbook box to put something else into... Like an early April Fools Day kind of prank. But nope, there was a real MacBook Pro in the box.

WOO HOO! This is the coolest and best Valentine's Day gift I've ever received!

I think there were several reasons hubby felt I needed a new computer. My current laptop had all of the memory it could hold and I was running out of space so it was running sooooo slooooooow. Also my mouse on the trackpad would double and triple click most of the time. Plus I was wearing off the keys on my current MacBook Pro. When he first noticed how worn my keys had become he accused me of typing too hard and having "acid fingers." What the heck? Acid fingers? LOL. I told him that I just work a lot and that's why my keys were wearing off.

This was my "N" key. Apparently the keys I most commonly use are N-A-S and T. That might mean that I type the words Stan, nats, tans, ants, NASA, a## or Santa a lot. Or not :)

The funniest part is that just last week he and a friend tricked me into going to the Apple Inc. store with them after having lunch at the Apple Cafeteria under the pretense that his friend was shopping for a laptop for his wife.

Upon entering the store I promptly wandered off on my own to look at the t-shirts, hats and computer bags. I can only imagine they were saying to each other something along the lines of "Well this isn't good." When I did wander back over to them a few minutes later they said they were trying to decide if his wife would prefer the glossy or non glossy screen option. Due to my photophobia (the glaring light problem that triggers my migraines) I immediately said the less glare the better, and thought nothing more about it.

Even after I opened the gift bag yesterday I still didn't put 2+2 together. He had to tell me how they tricked me. LOL Good one! He can trick me any day of the week if me receiving an Apple product is the end result. Thanks sweetie! I love my new computer and love you. It was a very fun Valentine's day all day long ending with the Pizza of Love dinner I made for him that night.

Did I mention he tried to bribe the coffee shop hostess into seating us faster at breakfast by asking if his friend George Washington would help move our names up the list as he flashed a $1 bill at her? Plus there were 2 other people working with her so that would have meant 33¢ for each of them and one of them getting 34¢. They were all laughing at him. Yeah, it was a very fun and funny day.


  1. Wow, what a nice gift! You might want to get these keyboard covers so your keys won't get worn out - http://bit.ly/9yvtNP. I have the clear ones on both my MBP and iMac.

  2. Definitely need to get one of those Evonne! My last computer was always full of dog and cat hair between the keys. I'd have to periodically go through and pull it all out >:P

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Wow, what a nice gift! You might want to get these keyboard covers so your keys won't get worn out - http://bit.ly/9yvtNP. I have the clear ones on both my MBP and iMac.


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