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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Introducing Izzy and Nesting Newbies Ezines

I know some of you are wondering "What is an Ezine?"

In simplest terms an Ezine is an online magazine. Some are simply periodic blog posts or newsletters while others are full fledged online magazines. Though I'm fairly new to them what I love about the magazine style Ezines are that they're eco-friendly because they aren't printed on paper and they are convenient. An online Ezine is easy to view and read without having to carry an actual magazine around with you when you're on the go. For a more thorough explanation you can read up about them on Wikipedia by CLICKING HERE

Ezine Tips:

1. To view an online magazine just look for the arrows and click to visit the next page or to go back to the last one. There is also a thumbnail image gallery on Izzy that allows you to choose the next page you want to see by clicking on the smaller images.

2. To view close ups or to enlarge the print you might have to poke around a bit. On Izzy you can double click on the page to enlarge it. On Nesting Newbies you can use the magnifying glass icons to enlarge or reduce the page view. Other sites may have a "zoom" option where you can increase or decrease a percentage to select your viewing size.

3. Look for a subscription link or RSS link so that you can receive updates when the next issue has published.

At the moment there are only two Ezines I read: Izzy and Nesting Newbies. Izzy just launched their premier issue this morning and I'm proud to say The Flirty Guide is an advertiser.

When I found out Melissa Bagley was creating Izzy I was immediately excited because I know Melissa and her reputation well enough to know that the magazine would be impeccably designed and would feature top notch companies. And I wasn't mistaken. Izzy has everything a bride could want to see in a magazine...




Wedding Gowns...

Gorgeous Wedding Cakes...

Bridal Bouquets...

Wedding details and feature articles.

Nesting Newbies combines decorating and interior design ideas with cooking and food.

It includes many recipes with gorgeous photography...

Decor ideas...


Ads and features about people, products and services.

So if you love to read magazines and haven't looked to see what's available online, go take a peek. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you've been missing out on.


  1. While I agree that eZines are more eco-friendly, I find that they're limiting by only being online. Not all of us have shelled out for a data plan or a phone that an eZine would even look good on. I find them okay for leafing through while I'm tethered to a computer, but I tend not to be anywhere near my computer when I don't need to be. I do appreciate that the distribution of information can be instantaneous, though, and the publication cycle can be spaced exactly how the creators choose. Just another viewpoint on the usefulness of an eZine.

  2. Thanks for the great POV Kate. LOL I forget that other people aren't on or with their computers 24/7 the way I am. (Definitely a good thing.)

    I don't think I would even try to read an Ezine on my phone because the screen is just too small.

    And I agree on the data plan as well. I don't have one for when I'm out of the house, I just pick up free wi-fi wherever I happen to be which means I have to be aware of who has free wi-fi.

    The other perfect "reading time" I have at home is because I've set up a shelf above my exercise bike handle bars so that I can be online while riding. This is the perfect time for me to read the news or an Ezine as I'm just sitting there pedaling away :)

  3. looks awesome -- I'll check it out!


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