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Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank You Carl Mindling

I was supposed to participate in a bridal showcase yesterday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto, CA. Because I'm still sick I was unable to attend :(

That's Professional MC (and Wedding DJ) Carl Mindling of iMCevents.com posing at me at the show yesterday. I want to give him a shout out to say thanks for manning my booth. Carl is a good friend and a great wedding professional who cares about his colleagues, friends and clients equally. He is incredibly detail focused and didn't disappoint yesterday when he sent me back these photos from the showcase. The first thing I noticed was that he wore a "flirty" colored shirt and tie to complement the colors of my booth display items.

He set up the display perfectly!

I shouldn't have been surprised that Carl color matched his outfit for me. Recently I helped him to rebrand his company shifting the focus from him being a wedding DJ to a professional MC because the services he offers can be used to make many events, not just weddings, more successful.

Carl will wear anything from a turtleneck to a tuxedo, whatever his clients prefer. This is the flirty "Cartoon You" version I created of him that he's using on his new business cards and website.

Recently Carl participated in a different showcase at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame, CA. To make sure his display was color coordinated he went to the trouble of purchasing several bags of pink, blue, green and lavender Easter chocolates just so that he could fill his candy dish that night with only the green wrapped Hershey's kisses. I thought it looked great! He even wrote about it in his blog.

So thanks again to Carl, it was wonderful not to have to work sick all day or cancel having The Flirty Guide be a part of yesterday's bridal showcase.

It also allowed me to watch the men's hockey game at the Olympics. WOW. I'm no hockey fan but that was a fantastic game.

Hubby is from Canada so it was USA vs. Canada at our house. After Canada won he stood in our living room waving a Canadian flag at me. Then, even though I tried to discourage him, because I didn't want him to get beat up, he walked to the mall to get some coffee and took his flag with him. LOL

He said one person driving by honked their horn and flipped him off. Another guy was on the sidewalk at the mall and said "Put that thing away." But most people were very nice and cheered and congratulated him and asked what the score was.

Never one to take offense, he took the guy flipping him off as giving him the "You're #1" sign. LOL

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