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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corneal Abrasions - Should have worn my goggles!

I cannot catch a break.

Over the weekend I wanted to do some light yard work and decided to try out the new aerial tree saw we had purchased a few weeks ago.

Looking at the tree I knew where the branches would fall once cut so I didn't think safely googles were necessary.

The first few branches went well. I sawed, they fell, and all was right with the world. Then I went to saw off another branch and before I knew it I saw a projectile of wood heading straight for my eyeball! It was freaky like when you see a bullet heading towards someone in slow motion in a movie. Anyways it hit me right in the eye and it hurt!

A trip to the ER later that day showed I had an abrasion on my cornea. Great! The bright green spot is where the projectile scraped open my cornea. It didn't hurt as much as it stung and burned. It kind of felt like having a sore throat, in my eye. The ER doctor put a dye in my eye then looked at with a black light. The black light made the abraded area glow in the dark. Creepy cool.

The cure has beens simple so far. 4 times a day I have to put an antibiotic ointment in my eye. It's the equivalent to putting vaseline in your eye. Fun :D On the good news front the doctor told me that the cornea is the fastest healing tissue in your body so I should be just fine in no time at all.

Here are the branches I sawed off before the incident occurred.

Seriously though, I'm lucky it wasn't more serious. As it was it missed my retina and didn't actually puncture anything. I am sharing this with you as a cautionary tale to remind everyone to take every precaution when trimming your trees so that you don't end up in ER like I did!

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  1. OUCH! My freshman year of college, I went to the eye doctor over Christmas break for my annual checkup and to pick out new glasses, when my doctor discovered I had an ulcer in my cornea. My eyes hadn't really been hurting or anything, it was just very random. I had to do eye drops for maybe three weeks (and put off picking out cute glasses with my mom and sisters, boo), but when I went back in for a follow-up, everything was healed nicely, with no scar tissues. Having something wrong with your eye sounds SUPER serious and scary, but I bet it turns out just fine! (But yes, next time: goggles.)


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