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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Martini Madness at the Oceano Hotel & Spa • Half Moon Bay

There are many coastal areas where you can get married in Northern California. Right off the top of my head Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel, Capitola and Santa Cruz come to mind. But if you think a little further north there's Half Moon Bay the Oceano Hotel might be just the right place.

Our host, Event Designer, Duncan Reyes with guest Sonny Gallardo at the most recent Martini Madness event hosted at the Oceano Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California. A big thank you to Duncan for arranging another successful event for all of us to enjoy!

I hadn't ever been to the Oceano before and wish I had thought to go back outside to take a photo of the hotel and surrounding area. But having been sick for so many weeks I kind of forgot what to take pictures of! Give me time, a few more events and I'll be back to my old shutterbug self.

Once inside there is a wonderful indoor atrium that can be used for wedding ceremonies or cocktail parties.

Spintronix was there keeping the party hopping!

And the food! Paella anyone? Richard Poncini of the catering company "Cooking for Friends" in Half Moon Bay told me that this huge paellera was imported from Valencia, Spain. Duncan told me that Richard also does an amazing kahlua pig and even added in an "oh-la-la!!!!!!!" with all of those exclamation points at the end so it must be really great!

The invite said there would be hors d'oeuvres by The Oceano Hotel and Spa which included these generous slices of prosciutto.

Mmmmm these were more then just bite size hors d'oeuvres, the hotel actually provided us with a buffet dinner!

A gorgeous cupcake display by Edith Meyer and Jen's Cakes! Everyone was devouring them!

The organic strawberry cupcakes with a gothic cross design were by Edith Meyer.

Three other cupcakes were by Jen's Cakes of Willow Glen. The flavors were red velvet with cream cheese icing, white with raspberry cream cheese filling and butter cream icing, and chocolate with fudge icing. The red and white cupcakes were airbrushed gold to go with the theme and were topped with small chocolate crosses and gold sprinkles.

The guests of honor at this particular event were all celebrating their Birthdays! From left to right: Jon Gomez, Edith Meyer, Jonathan Gomez and David Ethridge of The Flirty Guide.

This was the Ballroom filled with guests.

There were so many people there I didn't get to say hello to everyone I know. In fact, I didn't know some people were there until I heard they were there later from other friends.

This following 3 images are from the Oceano website.

Here is the same space set up for a wedding ceremony.

The hotel also has an optional outdoor area for ceremonies.

And a reception in the same ballroom.

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