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Friday, May 7, 2010

Shout of Mouth with Mark Ferrell

Just over a week ago I was invited to attend a meeting hosted by the American Disc Jockey Association of Silicon Valley. Mark Ferrell, their guest speaker that evening, is a friend of my friend and colleague Professional MC Carl Mindling. For years I have heard bits and pieces about Mark from Carl. I once met Mark and his wife Rebecca several years ago but never had the opportunity to really chat with them.

For the past ten years Mark has been on a mission to raise the level of professionalism within the Mobile DJ industry with his company Disc Jockey America. He and Rebecca teach using the "MarBecca Method," their teaching methodology named after a fusion of both of their names.

In my opinion there are two huge problem with the stereotypical, cheesy, under qualified and ill equipped DJ's who charge a low end price yet promote themselves as "The Best."

Problem #1: They disappoint their clients on one of the most important days of their lives.

Problem #2: They damage the credibility of every other qualified DJ out there.

The truth, is that the Mobile DJ industry is often held in such low regard that there are Brides and Grooms out there who don't even realize that great DJ's and MC's exist!

I was really looking forward to hearing Mark's presentation. My expectations were high and in a word, I was wowed. I quickly realized that Mark and I share the same end goal in wanting to raise the level of professionalism within the wedding industry. That evening I listened to him talk about why professionalism matters. Why what is best for the client is also best for the professional's reputation allowing them to build their company based on word of mouth recommendations. I listened to him talk about how a Master of Ceremonies needs to be worth what they charge by possessing "real" Master of Ceremony skills: A performing artist who blows away their clients and their guests by providing an outstanding level of service.

Had you even considered this? That your Wedding DJ might be a good DJ but an inept Master of Ceremonies?

What makes Mark Ferrel a DJ and MC expert? While working as a Wedding DJ he was Southern California's most successful DJ. Mark offered such an incomparable level of service that exceeded what the rest of the industry was offering by such a wide margin that his clients were willing to pay 4 to 5 times the average price for a Wedding DJ to ensure that they would have Mark on their wedding day. The range of his performance skills and his accomplishments are both diverse and impressive. In 2004, he and Rebecca decided to take a new direction, educating and mentoring other DJ's so that they could strive to achieve the same levels of professionalism and success that he had attained within the Mobile DJ industry. Mark is fun, honest and very much to the point. Qualities I really like when dealing with people because basically, I don't have time to waste with people who tiptoe around the truth.

At the very end he mentioned a two day workshop with space for 8 that he would be teaching the following week. I said to DJ Ron Grandia "Man I want to take that workshop," but not being a professional DJ I didn't really pursue the thought.

To be continued... Now Posted: CLICK HERE to read how my workshop experience went!


  1. Love this! I remember the workshop I took with Mark and Rebecca is 2008 and look forward to clicking "to be continued."

  2. Love this! I remember the workshop I took with Mark and Rebecca is 2008 and look forward to clicking "to be continued."


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