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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DIY Chandelier Tutorial... Finally!

Shame on me. About a year (maybe even a year and a half ago or longer) I had posted I was going to create a tutorial about how to decorate a whimsical chandelier like this one that I made to hang over my dining table. Well life got in the way and I basically forgot about the promise to create the tutorial.

Forgot that is until last week when as Miss Manners would say a "Gentle Reader" sent me an email reminder that she had been waiting for the tutorial to begin... Um, for the past year or so. Doh! So I made her a promise that I would post a new update each week, hopefully each Monday, for all of you who would like to take on this DIY project.

The tutorial begins by CLICKING HERE and continues with the first two steps now online:

And Choosing your Chandelier Shades. Next week we'll tackle painting your chandelier to a custom color with lots of beaded wire lessons to follow creating the ornaments and special touches that make this chandelier so unique.

Here are the steps to come over the next 14 weeks:

Project Intro

Step #1 -
Locate a Chandelier

Step #2 -
Purchase Light Shades

Step #3 -
Paint the Chandelier

Step #4 -
Replace Missing Crystals

Step #5 -
Buy Regular Beads

Step #6 -
Find Specialty Beads

Step #7 -
Gather other supplies: wire, crystals, pliers, wire cutters, etc.

Step #8 -
Wire Wrap Crystals

Step #9 -
Make Simple Flowers

Step #10 -
Make Beaded Vines and Leaves

Step #11 -
Make Double Tiered Fancy Flowers

Step #12 -
Make Beaded Tubes to Hide Light Fixtures

Step #13 -
Make Beaded Dragonflies

Step #14 -
Make Beaded Butterflies

Step #15 -
Make Wire Scrolls

Step #16 -
Pulling it all together

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