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Monday, June 14, 2010

Nitty Gritty Wedding Advice

When I first created The Flirty Guide I started a second blog called the Nitty Gritty Advice Blog where I wanted to share need to know information that wasn't necessarily fun or flirty. I soon realized I didn't have time to maintain two blogs and let the Nitty Gritty one slide... Until today when I imported the posts there to this blog.

Recently I've begun working on some posts that are less post-like and very much like full length, hard hitting, magazine articles. They're also different because I'm interviewing other industry professionals to create a more balanced piece than just my opinion. It kind of makes me feel like some kind of news reporter as I will always strive to present as unbiased of a finished piece as possible. I suppose you could say that I'm toeing the line and taking my first baby steps into the world of journalism.

I will be publishing the first article soon. You'll recognize it immediately because I will always start off each article using the small version of the Nitty Gritty Magazine cover like the one at left.

Its title is "How Much Should a Wedding DJ Cost?" If you're in the process of selecting and contracting a DJ for your wedding, this is information you'll want to know. It was written just for you!

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