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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Donation

Yesterday my awesome hair stylist and good friend Armando Sarabia (of Get Your Do Up) chopped off my hair!

I had decided at the beginning of the month that it was time to donate the hair I'd been growing the past several years to either Wigs for Kids or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I chose Pantene (thanks to my friend Loretta for sending me a New York Times news article about them) because they make the wigs for women cancer patients and give them to them for free. My cousin Tami lost all of her hair after receiving some heavy duty chemotherapy last year so this time around I wanted to support women (like her) by sending my hair to help one of them.

As Armando was CUTTING MY HAIR OFF I couldn't help but notice, peeking between my fingers in the mirror, that he was looking at the camera and not my hair! *Gulp* I pointed out that looking at my hair might be a better course of action but he just laughed and assured me he is a professional and didn't need to look. Well, he was right. He cut my hair beautifully!

This is a close up of my reflection in the mirror from the picture above. All I could think was "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!"

Mission accomplished! I had been growing my hair out for about the past 5 years just for this reason. In truth I could have donated 2 years ago but was enjoying having long hair so I kept it longer than I had originally intended. The first time I did this in 2003 I sent Locks of Love 17" of hair. This time I'm sending an 18" ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

A quick shampoo and Armando styled my hair cutting it all one length. I can put a single curl in all the way around. It's so easy to care for!

Triumphant. Both Armando and my hubby had been bugging me to cut my hair for the past two years. Hubby didn't want me to go quite this short but I figured it's only hair and will grow back.

And to top if off I had already ordered new business cards that reflected my new hair do! LOL It was so much fun to pass them out last night!

I call my new do the "Boing." After the cut I attended two events: A wedding networking event called the 411 hosted by my friend Nicole Lisanne and a group dinner with more friends... And my hubby. Nobody knew I was cutting my hair, especially not my hubby. LOL it was hilarious to walk into the restaurant with my new look. He was shocked. I thought he would be super happy since he'd wanted me to cut my hair for so long, instead he was super shocked. By the end of the night he was loving the new do, but it took a while for him to decide if he liked it or not.

Taaa Daaa! My friend Kathleen Kirkpatrick took this photo of the front of me at the networking event with her iPhone.

And here's another pic with my friend Carl Mindling.

If you want to grow your hair out to donate, CLICK HERE to view a past post about how I grew my hair so long in the first place. To be honest you might start to feel a bit like a sheep, growing its wool out to be shorn, but when you send in that ponytail knowing you're helping a person in need, it's so worth it.


  1. You look beautiful Stacie! Thanks for donating your hair to a wonderful cause. I was surprised to see how long it had gotten since I've last seen you guys.

  2. Thanks Photogirl!

    I know, my hair grows fast like weeds :) Wonder when the next tour will be? Kind of miss going on the road and heading your way. Those were fun shows.

  3. oh ms. tamaki .... you look stunningly gorgeous!!! i definitely approve of the new stacie. it is SASSY!!! luv, luv, luv it !!!

  4. Duncan you read my mind! The first thing I said to Armando was that I felt "sassy"

    Thanks for the rest :D *Hugs*

  5. Call it sassy or flirty, the new look is wonderful on you. What a great way to give back. I wish I could do the same, but there probably isn't a market for mullet ;-)


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