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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sur la Table and Le Creuset

The "want" not "need" voice in my head is fairly subdued. I really don't want for much or very often. But when it does say something it shouts out and really means it. LOL it's been screaming since yesterday when I walked into Sur la Table and saw the new Le Creuset Caribbean Blue cookware.

First things first. If you're not sure what I'm talking about or how to pronounce these names I can help :)

"Sur la Table" is a cooking store that opened in 1972 in Seattle, Washington. Pronounced "Sir-la-tawb" (with the "aw" actually sounding more like "ah") it means "on the table" in French. What I love about it is that it was one of the first stores (that I know of) that brought professional grade culinary tools to the home chef. The way other women love to shop for clothes or shoes or handbags, I love to shop for culinary tools and gourmet ingredients. I literally feel giddy when I walk into Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma.

Le Creuset is a French company. Founded in 1925 the company is revered for their porcelain enamelled cast iron pots and pans. Pronounced "Luh-Crew-Zay" their pots and pans are timeless, heavy and yes, pricey. But not the bad kind of over priced expensive (imho) but the good kind of expensive because these are the kinds of pots and pans you will buy once, and they will last your lifetime.

At the moment I am having a hard time explaining to my geeky hubby (who has no appreciation for aesthetics or luxury products of any type) why I NEED to get the 12" frying pan and the 3.5 quart and 5.5 quart French Ovens (aka as lidded pots) in Caribbean Blue. Especially when I already own the 5.5 quart lidded pot in saffron yellow.

He asked me again today "Now let me get this straight. You want to replace one pot just because it's a different color than the one you have now? That's it, just a different color." I replied "Um, yeah" as I watched the little wheels spinning in his brain as he tried to comprehend how color could matter. Hey, I know it's frivolous and all but I just can't help wanting them :) Plus I don't own a cast iron frying pan and have been needing one for awhile now. Nor do I have a 3.5 quart lidded pot. So this would be perfect, want and need rolled into one! Well, technically rolled into three. Two pots and a pan.

I'll give it some time and see if the voice screaming in my head turns into a whisper or goes mute but I don't think it will. I'll keep you posted to see how this pans out :)

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  1. haha i can totally understand the color thing.. i wanted the aubergine colored one, but wow this carribean blue one is gorgeous! I ended up buying a cheaper version, because i couldn't justify it in the end.


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