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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Overcoming the Fear of Blogging • Congratulations Lisa Whalen!

So yesterday was the day. The last day for my friend Lisa Whalen (the bloggerphobic one) to publish a blog post using a photo from 30 days ago or I'd never willingly pose for another picture for her again. What kind of threat is that right? Well considering how much I hate to be in photos and how much she loves taking them (Lisa is a professional wedding photographer) I think it was a pretty balanced threat.

In truth, I've never threatened anyone to blog "or else" before, well, ever. But this worked so well maybe I'll do it more often. I don't even want to say here the last time Lisa had posted in her blog because that would be mean. (Of course you can always pop on over to her blog to see for yourself.) I was already kind of mean to her last night when I left her a comment teasing her that my long hair made the photo so "last month." LOL

CLICK HERE to read LIsa's first post of 2010!

This was our banter yesterday when I began needling her that she was almost out of time...

And here is the intro to Lisa's latest and greatest blog post. I thought the whole post was pretty hilarious and hope that she wil voluntarily begin posting more frequently. I bet you will too.
The End of Bloggerphobia – Blogging Tips for the Blog Impaired
by LISA on JULY 3, 2010

I’m interrupting a good half-year or more of blatant, SHAMELESS neglect of my blog today to post a picture. Yep, a picture. I know – woo-hoo, right?? Like, congratulations Lisa, that’s what photographer’s are SUPPOSED to do with their blogs – post pictures!! Okay, so I’m a little slow… Read the Rest

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  1. Can't... stop... laughing... *gasp* OMG Stacie, I might actually start having FUN with this process! I'm not sure I'm ready yet for anything as radical as ENJOYABLE BLOGGING...


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