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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Best, Adjustable, Leather, Ipad Easel Cover

Earlier this year I received an IOU from my hubby for my Birthday that read:
Some day, I will get you some type of iPad device"

Oooh so thin! I'd wanted an iPad ever since they were announced for when I have meeting out of the house to take notes on and because I want to have a portable portfolio with me at networking events. Laptops can get heavy when you lug them around San Francisco all day.

Recently hubby came home with a new ipad for me! YAY! I took it on two recent trips. One was to attend an out of state funeral and the other was to attend the reunion in Trail. Here I was reading an iBook on my iPad on the plane. I LOVE the case I purchased for it at the Apple Store. It's called the Incase Convertible Book Jacket. It's an adjustable easel with three settings so you can angle the ipad to the position that best suits how you're sitting.

Here are the three angle settings... High



I felt really sorry for the guy across the aisle from me who had bought the flat zipper case for his iPad. He had to hold his with his hands the entire flight or had to lean way over the screen when he rested it on his tray table, while I kicked back and used one finger to turn the pages.

If you're a small business owner who would benefit from having a portfolio with you at all times I'd recommend getting one. I've also added Pages and a Kindle for iPad book reader to mine. So far I LOVE it!


  1. Hi Stacie,

    Happy birthday gift, eh? (Ahem, Canadian humor, there)

    Looks like a great case for the iPad. Bunch is using the Apple case that folds to just one tilted position, and that seems to be all she needs for her iPad. I get more envious by the day (so many new & useful apps), and I'm saving up my pennies.

    Will you bring your iPad tomorrow, can it hold your entire presentation, and can you connect it to a projector?

    See you,

  2. Hi Robbie,

    Yes I will bring it tomorrow and yes it can hold my presentation. I'll be bringing it along as a back up. From what I can tell the only downside to using keynote on the iPad is that you can't view the presenter's notes on the ipad nor an you view the upcoming slide as you can on a laptop.

    I needed a special adapter for the projector to go to the iPad. Hubby included it as part of the gift :)

    I'm sure Bunch loves hers! I love mine too :D

  3. So glad you posted that! I've been trying to find a case that will let it stand (I have the zipper one). :P

    I even bought a bluetooth keyboard for it.. haha. going to take only those when I travel to Europe in September.


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