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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook Places: Join in or Decline?

Facebook Places is, from what I've read, similar to foursquare, which is a more sophisticated version of someone tweeting where they are at any given moment.

For those of you who enjoy living in the now and don't mind the whole world (or the large portion or small portion you have friended through your social networking accounts) to know where you are (restaurants, concerts, bars, malls, etc) and where you aren't (home, so thieves have a better idea of knowing when to strike), Facebook Places will be another fun way to keep in touch with your friends and the world.

Call me a stick in the mud...

For those of us who are more wary and enjoy more (as opposed to less) privacy, the thing to know about the new Facebook Places is that even if you don't use the new feature, your friends can "tag" you into their Places updates to let everyone they know where you are.... And aren't. To remove the option (of giving away your location) from your fun loving and free spirited friends you need to go into your Facebook privacy setting and set your account to "disable."

This post on Gawker shows you how to do this step by step :)


  1. I enjoy living in the now which is why I don't care for that "now" to be interrupted by obtrusive texts, calls or other instant communications from out of nowhere. If that makes me a stick, then I'll just enjoy the peacefulness of my mud bath.

  2. Add one more stick to the mud. I'm guessing that most of the 20-somethings have given up on the idea of online/offline separation and the notion of privacy. I'm guessing that location awareness services will make it really easy to serve them papers when the need arises.

  3. LOL two sticks to join me!

    Yeah Carl, often I too want to just appreciate the "now" with no interruptions.

    Very true Oren! I guess if you know a process server is looking for you, Facebook Places and Foursquare could really work against you.


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