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Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling Suicidal? Call the Suicide Hotline for Help

I was just reading the news an hour or so ago and noticed that a photo I took and posted on my blog two years ago is being used (with attribution) in a story about a suicide that took place last night at The Mountain Winery. A young man, (eta: facing some serious legal charges) leapt to his death from the roof above the stage during a live concert performance :(

My sympathies to his family, loved ones, the band, the first responders who tried to resuscitate him and everyone in the audience who certainly have to feel traumatized by witnessing his death.

Obviously this is neither a fun nor flirty topic... So why post about it? Because I want any of you who ever think about suicide to know that you can always call the Suicide & Crisis Hotline. In fact, if you think about it a lot, put their number in your speed dial so you always have it with you. If you call, there are people on the other end of the phone who not only care, but want and will do their best to help you simply by letting you talk, vent and share whatever pain it is you're going through. In San Jose there is someone to talk to 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The local Crisis Line phone number is (408) 279-8228.

If you live anywhere else in the country you can call the numbers below if you feel like you need to talk to someone.

"...Talking to someone can temporarily change your perspective - Human contact changes the brain chemistry & opens that emotion "pod" of pent up emotions for temporary relief - and it may not be what they say, but just the exchange of emotions like empathy, compassion, & concern.

Will they cure us - no.

Will they take the pain away ?

Maybe ease it for a little while.

Even if you know you may be upset or suicidal again soon, just give it a try.

Even though non-depressive humans won't really know exactly how you feel --

Let them try to help the best they can.

Talk to them, let them listen.

Most of them are not even getting paid.

The only reason they are there is for you.

They may not always say the exact right thing, but they are hoping that somehow they can help you make it through a difficult night, to live & fight another day."

CLICK HERE to read the rest on suicide.com

IMO it's a normal and understandable reaction to feel a little or a lot of resentment or anger at being forced to watch someone take their own life, or to be angry and hurt for being left behind. I also know people will often accuse a person who committed suicide of being "selfish" for only thinking about themselves and not about what they are forcing others to endure on their behalf. But more than resentment, I can't help but feel compassion.

There are many causes of depression. If you've never experienced a suicidal depression and felt the urge to take your own life you're lucky that your genetics are good, your brain chemistry is well balanced and you were born with emotional fortitude strong enough to endure and overcome all that life puts before you. You're fortunate to not feel emotional pain so deeply that all you can think about is death as an escape from pain so intense it drains the will to live away until there is no will, and no hope left.

If you are severely depressed and you know it, reach out. Ask for help before things get too bad. Call the Crisis Hotline.

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