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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation in Trail, BC

Here's some news, I just got back from Trail, British Columbia. It was Hubby's High School reunion. Trail is known for the Teck Cominco Zinc Smelter, the largest zinc smelter in the world.

The morning after our arrival I looked for a place to have breakfast. Because most of the restaurants in Trail aren't online we did things the old fashioned way, just started walking around.

That's when we happened upon the Lovin Oven Cafe & Catering.

My fried egg breakfast on whole wheat toast with freshly squeezed orange juice was so delicious that I ate there the next morning too.

We took the smelter tour and I learned all about anodes, aluminum cathodes, electrolytic something or other and all about the history of the smelter.

Whenever we go to Canada we head to A&W. Hubby swears that the Canadian A&W food tastes different (better) than the A&W's in the states so we make the drive to Castlegar so he can have a Canadian Teen Burger.

One day it was raining so we needed to buy umbrellas. Rather than buy expensive adult sized umbrellas at the local pharmacy we bought these kids umbrellas because they were less expensive and we could give them to some kids we know after. Sure we looked silly that day but we didn't mind.

Here was a cool thing. In Canada restaurants don't just offer you the little packages of jelly and jam... They also offer peanut butter!

I thought they were so neat I took pictures of them just to share with you.

I also went shopping at a super cool grocery store in downtown Trail called Ferraro Foods. I have tried to like oatmeal but just don't. I want the health benefits but hate the flavor and texture. So recently I found a brown rice hot cereal (that's like grits made of brown rice instead of corn) that I've been having for breakfast. Both the flavor and texture is much more appealing to me. When I saw this multi-grain Canadian brand at the grocery store I was intrigued. I haven't tried it yet but am pretty sure I'll like it.

All around Trail are huge gorgeous murals by a company called www.CanadianMurals.com.

They're really beautiful. I read on their website they're painted by the very talented artists Tyler Toews and Steven Skolka.

That's the smelter. I took a photo of it on the rainy day while we were walking around town. Years ago the smelter polluted the local environment so badly there were no trees that lined the Columbia river bank and the river itself was where hundreds of tons of slag was dumped directly into the water on a daily basis up until 1995. Along with arsenic, lead, mercury and other heavy metals, the smelter was emitting sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. Since Cominco has curbed the pollution the trees have come back and once again the hills along the river bank are green and air test results have improved dramatically.

And the reason for our trip, the High School reunion at the Riverbelle restaurant. I have to say I had a really great time meeting everyone. The people of Trail are so friendly and kind. You always hear how boring reunions are for spouses so maybe my experience was the exception but I had a great time each of the three days we got together with everyone.

And this may have been my favorite part of Trail. A friend of hubby's lives on what I can best describe as a hobby farm up at the top of a mountain. There were lots of trees, rolling green pastures...

Roosters that begin crowing at 3:00 AM...

This picturesque pond with the main house right behind it...

And two beautiful horses. I would love to live on a hobby farm someday. It's my dream.

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