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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A 24 Hour Challenge • Riding the Staten Island Ferry

Sunrise from the 24 Hour Staten Island Ferry Blog
Remember last year when my hubby went on that 22 day, North American roadtrip where he drove 10-12 hours per day almost every day? Well a friend of ours "Special K" is doing something just as unusual. I'm not sure if it's for the fun of it or for the experience but he flew to NYC from San Jose, CA just to ride the Staten Island Ferry for 24 hours straight with his friend, known on the blog as "B1-66ER," who also doesn't live in NYC but is there on vacation.

   They are live blogging their 24 hour experience. There's been some running for the ferry, some singing (not them, from other people), drunk people, sick people, party girls, profanity (from them, not other people), sleep deprivation, hallucinating (due to the a fore mentioned sleep deprivation), gun boats, an accomplice who brought them good deli food, searching for electrical outlets to recharge their phones so they can post, a dog with no face, a sunrise, a bird and eating corn beef hash are among the things they have seen and done.

   So how does this relate to me? Well it got me to thinking I should take on some kind of 24 hour challenge. The hardest things for me to do are to relax and take time off. Sooooooo... The best challenge idea I've come up with since last night is to get a 24 hour massage (no deep tissue). Even though hubby thinks it's a really bad idea he has agreed to feed me through the breathing hole in the massage table so that I don't have to stop to eat. Just to be clear, he thinks the whole idea is bad, not just the feeding me through the breathing hole part. LOL Maybe I'll do it someday. Even if I don't it cracks me up just thinking about it.

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