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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest Speaker at BAPVA

Last night I was a guest speaker at the BAPVA (Bay Area Professional Videographer's Association) monthly meeting. As an affiliate member, I was invited to give a 45 minute presentation about blogging. I did my best to condense my 4 hour Beginning Bloggers' Seminar into the shorter time frame and managed to do it within 48 minutes. Whew!

You may have noticed that I labeled this post into my "Duh" category. Here's why. I custom tailored the presentation using screen shots from many of the member's blogs. One in particular, the Cinematt Blog by professional videographer Matthieu Meynier, displayed a great blog sidebar. It's clean and simple with all of the basic elements that I think every sidebar should have. Soooooo I included several screenshots showing the link back to his website, a photo of himself, inclusion of a short bio about his company, a categories directory and an easy RSS sign up option...

After the presentation Matthieu approached me with a funny little smile on his face and said he wasn't surprised that I liked his sidebar... Because I had designed it for him! LOL. Seriously. I had totally forgotten that I had designed it for him over a year ago when he was in the process of setting up his blog and needed some help figuring out how to use the "Page Elements" in Blogger so I logged into his account and did it for him. No wonder I liked it! I designed it. Ha ha ha ha... He had updated it himself as well adding the RSS subscription option and his Twitter feed among other things so he did deserve some of the credit. Duh. Right?


  1. Stacie, Thanks again for your inspiring talk! I am ready to get busy and get blogging! I loved when Matthieu came up and told you that! Too funny!

  2. Thanks Dena! I hope the information was helpful and inspiring to the attendees last night. That was pretty hilarious about Matthieu's blog... I'm still lol'ing every time I think about it.


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