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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm an Official Newspaper Columnist!

So, this has been in the works for far too long. Earlier this year Sally Howe, Editor and Owner of the Campbell Express, asked me if I would be interested in writing a column for her newspaper that could cover any topic or topics I wanted to write about. Over the years I've written and contributed to a few articles for her and several photos I've taken have run in her newspaper. I was interested, but was so busy at the time that I asked if she could wait until my schedule opened up at the end of the summer. And guess what? She said yes. Cool!

So what to write about. Hmmmmm. I decided I wanted to cover inspiring ideas so I needed a name that would work whether I was talking about weddings, technology, food, pets, or anything else that struck my fancy. "Try Something New" is what I came up. In each column I will introduce something that I hope will be new to the readers of The Campbell Express. It may be to go somewhere, as in the first issue explaining what brides and grooms can expect at a wedding fair (like the upcoming Bridal Faire at the Ainsley House in downtown Campbell on Sept. 26th), or it may be a project to try at home in the kitchen or something to build or learn about.

I'm very much looking forward to writing for the Campbell Express. In a way, it's like writing a blog post because I always treat my blog posts like news articles in not cutting corners on research to make certain what I'm writing is accurate.

There are three ways to read my column:
  1. Subscribe for home delivery for $15 per year - CLICK HERE to subscribe.
  2. Read each issue online - CLICK HERE to view the online archive
  3. Pick up a copy at local downtown businesses like Orchard Valley Coffee
I will post an update here each time I have a column that runs. I think my next one will be about backyard chicken keeping. So if you're a city dweller and keeping chickens is something you've been curious about, stay tuned. Pok, pok.


  1. Sweet! This is SOOOO up your alley, Stacie! You're such a fun, informative writer - I couldn't think of a better match for your skills than this column. ENJOY!!! I'll be looking forward eagerly to your articles...

  2. Congratulations, Stacie!

    Adding yet another notch in your gun, so to speak. Funny how it works: In most cases, every time we stretch a little more to add something new to our "to do's", we seem to build and elaborate on what we're already doing well. True for most of us, I think.

    Now, here's one interesting question: Suppose we're 10 years from now, and looking back to trace how you got to wherever you'll be. Are you yet beginning to see glimmers of the "inevitable" pattern of your professional destiny?

    I predict it'll all seem inevitable by then, even though today it might look for all the world like we're seizing whatever bright shiny opportunities we can encourage to come along.

    One thing's for sure: The future always starts out imitating the past, and then gradually develops it's own agenda. So I'm looking forward to watching where these newspaper articles guide your interest.


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