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Friday, September 17, 2010

Where in the world have I been?

Well, I'm here but haven't been blogging. I'll be back, probably every single day, next week because I've got all kinds of posts waiting to leave my brain and trickle out via my keyboard. But, at the moment, I am reorganizing my life. More aptly put I am sorting through the collection of everything that was my bridal accessory business for the past 13 years and deciding what to keep and store, what to keep and repurpose, what to sell and what to donate.

Not an easy task when you love everything about what you used to do. Still, I have to draw the line and let things go. Of course once they're gone there is some relief and a sense of anticipation as to what comes next. I may be fooling myself but feel like I'm almost done. Or at least I think the end is in sight.

I have requests to fulfill for new Flirty Idea tutorials, some cool pictures to share, an update on my quest to go vegetarian and lots of other cool things to talk about. Sorry to be gone for so long! I had no idea that this project would become all consuming for so long.

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