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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bark in the Park 2010

Each year I take my pup to Bark in the Park in downtown San Jose, CA. It's an all day event where last year 3700 dogs and 15,000 people attended by the end of the day.

There are lots of dog products and services (set up in booths like an art and wine festival). For entertainment there are agility, flyball, herding and search and rescue demonstrations. And fun contests include a costume and pet and owner look alike contest.

This year I'm starting with the funniest pictures first. At any dog event there's a LOT of sniffing going on... Sniffing noses and...

Um, yeah, the other end too. BOL (bark out loud)!

This year hubby came along as our camera guy which made the day easier for me as I didn't have to juggle the leash and camera at the same time the way I normally do.

CLICK on Image to Enlarge

He took lots of pictures of Kitai getting to know other dogs. We even ran into our friend Lulu (first column center picture) who wormed her way in while her mom was giving Kitai some love. 

I pointed out a few dogs that I wanted hubby to take pictures of... Like this little Pekingnese who reminded me of my little Michiko who passed away a few years ago...

And this gorgeous Afghan Hound. This was my first favorite breed of dog. While I've always loved the way they look I think it's safe to say that the maintenance involved with that coat is probably beyond me.

And this dog I loved!  It's an Ibizan Hound (in English it's pronounced ih-bee-zun). Originally from the island of Ibiza (an autonomous community of Spain) the breed was used to hunt rabbit and small game in parts of Spain and France. The Ibizan is agile and fast using scent, sound and sight to hunt its prey. It's a rare breed so it was a pleasure to see one in real life.

LOL  I thought this dog was so cute. A full sized scruffy mutt even more wiry than Kitai. So cute! Hubby did a great job taking dog portraits...

Hubby has a soft spot for two breeds: Dachshunds and Basset Hounds. He likes their droopy ears. Here a Basset says hello!

A Smiling Standard Poodle

A Regal Old English Bulldog

Cavelier King Charles Spaniels

A Giant Schnauzer

A Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi

A Boxer

A Teeny Tiny Chihuahua

OMD. While we were at the event hubby spotted these two stuffed animal German Shepherds from a distance and thought they were real dogs. LOL. When I asked last night if he would mind if I posted this picture and say how he thought they were real he said "Sure, go ahead." Then he said, "But don't they really look real?" Ha ha ha ha ha ha... I said "No, they really don't." He insisted they do. He is so funny.

So if you think Bark in the Park looks like fun be sure to mark your calendar for the 2011 event:

Bark in the Park 2011 Information - CLICK HERE for all the details

Saturday, September 17, 2011
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
William Street Park
Corner of William and S. Sixteenth Streets
Downtown San Jose, San Jose, California

Admission free - $5 donation per dog is encouraged

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  1. Ooh so many gorgeous dogs there! Thanks for sharing.


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