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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hyperbole and a Half is Hilarious!

The other day my friend Katherine posted a link to Hyperbole and a Half and said "If you do not currently read this blog, you should start this absolute minute." So I did.

I was literally laughing out loud. The writing is superb. Allie Brosh, the blog's author, is an amazing storyteller who shares random tales from her past and present illustrated with hilarious, badly drawn cartoons (because she thinks badly drawn ones are funnier than good ones). Her sense of humor sometimes borders between demented and twisted, but the good kind of twisted, not the bad creepy kind. For instance I don't care to read about vomit in people's blogs, Facebook updates or in their tweets. But she somehow made her dog's bout of motion sickness hilarious!

There is a smidge of profanity, un-PC moments and what some may consider blasphemy so if these things offend you consider yourself warned that Hyperbole may not be for you. Normally I don't care for any of those things but I love this blog. I'm not gong to over analyze why. I'm chalking it up to a guilty pleasure. That works for me.

So, last night hubby and I were sitting on the couch and I commented about the Hyperbole website meaning I said the word "hyperbole" out loud, like with my real voice. Hubby looked at me and said "What did you just call it?" I said it the way I thought the word (which I basically had put no thought into whatsoever) was pronounced meaning I said "hyperbowl." Hubby couldn't stop laughing at me. Turns out it's pronounced "Hi-per-bo-lee" which is a word I've heard on tv once or twice but I've never had an occasion to spell it, read it or even hear it used in casual conversation so I knew it was a word but I didn't make the connection. To be honest I didn't even know what it meant.

Turns out hyperbole means "exaggerated claims or statements not meant to be taken literally." Ah ha! That explained everything. Hubby is no stranger to hyperbole. It's no wonder he knew how to spell and pronounce it.

He thought it was so funny that I mispronounced the word that he immediately went on FB and posted the status update above. Never mind that what he means when he says he pronounces things "the Canadian way" means pronouncing words like "epoch" as "e-pok." When I asked do you mean epoch/epic?  His immediate reply was that's how they say it in Canada. Or when he calls skinny emaciated dogs on Animal Cops "emancipated." He says that's Canadian too. LOL The thing is he does this on an almost constant basis but you don't see me making fun of him on Facebook. Not that I'm making fun of him here on my blog. I'm just responding to his FB update here instead of there :)

One day we were driving in the car giving each other super hero names and I named him "The Exaggerator" because he can be very over dramatic most of the time. He loves to exaggerate something I've just said to him. Like I'll say something in a calm and civil voice/tone and he'll repeat it back to me adding in a shrieking voice, some profanity and accusations for dramatic effect. He thinks he's being hilarious. He's "The Exaggerator" who posses "hyperbolic" super powers!

Back to Hyperbole and a Half.... Here are some of my favorite posts:

If you want to know more about Allie skip her "About" pages and go straight to the Hyperbole FAQ page. Her about pages do tell you something about her, just probably not what you were you were looking for.


  1. Well, luckily on "Animal Cops" the emaciated pups are usually emancipated as well...

  2. I came across Allie's blog a while back and I literally absorbed every word in the whole blog from start to finish in one afternoon.

    The comedy is so carefree, its awesome!

  3. Hi Hanis and Distilled, I have yet to read the entire blog but I'm getting there post by post. Her humor is very carefree and I love it. When I feel sad I go read "The God of Cake" and "The Party" and I always feel better afterwards.

    Very true Katherine. The emaciated pups are usually emancipated. Though the other day he called Chihuahuas (the tiny dogs) "Chiwallas." But yanno, that's how they say it in Canada according to him :P


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