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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thatcher's Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Corns and Caramel Corn

For the holidays I did something I'd been wanting to do for over a year. Ever since the first time I tried Thatcher's Gourmet Popcorn back in October 2009 at the San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway "Meet the Dream Team" event I've thought about ordering more just for fun and all for me. But I hadn't because I was afraid it would be a slippery slope. If I ordered some, would I keep ordering it again and again? When Kevin Chin gave me a huge bag of leftover white cheddar popcorn that night, I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days because I couldn't help myself.
Thatcher's Popcorn Dessert Bar by Nancy Liu Chin

Well, I decided it would be a simple pleasure to enjoy. Now only time will tell if Thatcher's becomes a regular, monthly, household expense. On the positive side there are much more expensive and less healthy habits I could take up... On their website the description for the white cheddar popcorn reads:
"This is so cheddary and flavorful it's hard to believe it's healthy! Try eating only one of these!
Um, by one I hope they mean one bag, not one piece, because that's how I've been eating mine. LOL. Hubby called it. As soon as the box arrived he said "You'll be eating it a bag at a time!" He knows me so well.

I Ordered Chedder, White Chedder and Caramel Corn

But perhaps the coolest thing was that tasting Thatcher's caramel corn made me reminisce all the way back to when I was a little kid. When I ate the first piece it reminded me of when my cousin Tami lived near a mall that had a caramel corn shop. Caramel corn isn't easy to find in San Jose and the kind that comes in the three-flavor-tins you can buy at the drugstore at holiday time doesn't begin to compare to the flavor of fresh, crunchy, candy coated caramel corn.

So one bite and *woosh* it was like taking a trip back in time. I remembered what the shop looked like and ooooh the sugary, caramel way it smelled and how they used to sell caramel corn faces on a stick...

Yes, I said a caramel corn face on a stick! The caramel corn was held together and formed into a flattened, round disc with a thin coating of melted, shiny, ooey gooey corn syrup that dried as it cooled. With licorice allsort eyes, a gum drop nose and a red rope licorice mouth the face was as yummy as it was cute. Wow. I hadn't thought about those caramel corn faces for at least two decades! That single taste was like the scene in the movie Ratatouille when Anton Ego (the snide and snobbish food critic) is transformed back to when he was a little boy when he tasted a dish that reminded him of his childhood... It was just like that except I didn't become a younger and shrunken down version of myself like in the movie. Man that would have freaked out my hubby if I had since he was sitting on the couch next to me  :) LOL

If you live out of the area there is a nominal shipping fee that becomes a better deal as you order more popcorn! If you live in the Bay Area you can place an order on Thatcher's website and I guess judging by your zip code it will also give you the option to pick up your order in person if you're local.

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  1. mmm ..... these would be great stocking stuffers. love the caramel corn - it's the only popcorn i'll ever eat. okay - enough said .... i'm going out to buy some. thanks for blogging about it - your food commentaries always make me hungry. ;-)


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