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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lasso, Western, Wedding, DIY Centerpiece Idea

Planning a rustic western themed wedding because the groom is a cowboy or the bride is a cowgirl? If you are I hope you'll love this ideas as much as I do.

So, the other day I was reading the fun new blog "My Road to Mrs" written by "Kassi" a bride-to-be engaged to real life cowboy "Mr. M" who trains horses for a living. First of all I loved the picture in her blog header of her and her cowboy, on a horse, accompanied by one of their two dogs... It's just dreamy!

But when I saw this photo of a DIY lasso/lariat wedding project Kassi had undertaken I really wanted to share her idea with you if she was willing to let me use some of her photos.

Her "Rustic Rope Vase" was so charming I loved it! Kassi has the instructions about how to make this vase on another blog TrulyLovelyWithTheLaneysisters.blogspot.com that she maintains with her crafty sister Kayli. When I asked her how she came up with this cowboy centerpiece idea she replied:
"I'd heard of other people making rope vases before... You know, just acquaintances, etc... So I decided to try one of my own. After I realized I could make them I just decided that's what I wanted for my wedding centerpieces! :) My fiance is a team roper and roping is a BIG part of our lives, so what better way to incorporate that into our wedding decor! "
In total she will need to make 12 vases for her reception. Two down, ten to go!

Mr. M and Kassi

The list of needed elements is short:

• Rope
• Soldering Iron
• Scissors (to cut rope)

Kassi mentions using newspaper or plastic to protect your work surface, I'd probably use a small piece of plywood or a cutting board though because with my luck I'd set the paper or plastic on fire with the soldering iron.


  1. Thank you for featuring my rope vases Stacie!!! :) So excited to be shown on your fun blog!!

  2. My pleasure and thanks for letting me use your photos! A happy couple, cute DIY idea and a horse and a dog? There are a few of my most favorite things :)

  3. Great Idea, and great feature! I've been following Kassi's blog as well and it is really great!


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