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Friday, January 14, 2011

Will You be Proposing on Valentine's Day? A Unique "How to" Idea

As Valentine's Day nears I wanted to share a fun proposal idea that's been stuck in my head for the past few years. If there's a sushi boat restaurant in your town or city and you have a special someone to propose to, perhaps this post will inspire you to pull off this unique proposal.

1. You arrive at the restaurant. Sushi is floating past as you sit down.

2. Suddently, an engagement ring comes around on a boat. Make sure your fiance-to-be is facing the direction the boats are coming from. As it nears you they'lll be like "What the heck is that?" which is when you reach out and take the small plate with the ring on it.

3. Propose.

4. Hug and kiss because (YAY) you're getting married!

5. As a finishing touch I think this is too cute. Hire a professional baker to make a miniature wedding cake and send it round the sushi bar on a boat. A perfect ending to a memorable proposal? I think so.

F=Friends    |  Y=You |  T=Them  |   V=Videographer

To pull this idea off you will need:

A Sushi Boat Restaurant: This is where patrons sit at what is typically a U-shaped sushi bar with the chefs in the middle and a a trough of water that small wooden boats, chained together, travel around continuously. As the chefs make small plates of many different types of sushi they place the plates on the boats and allow them to travel around the bar. Patrons simply grab the sushi they find appealing.

Accomplices: Yes, you will need the help of friends (preferably ) who your soon-to-be-fiance doesn't know. They will perform two duties: The one at the far end will be the person who puts the ring and cake on the boat out of view of your fiance-to-be. The others will be fillers so that a stranger doesn't grab your ring and run off with it.

Props: Aside from an engagement ring in a ring box, I think a tiny wedding cake made by a professional baker would be a perfect finishing touch. A small wedding cake topper or fresh flowers on top would be cute.

Research: Go to the restaurant and arrange to reserve the necessary seats at the bar to pull off this proposal. Also go to the restaurant to measure the sushi boat ahead of time so that the baker knows the correct dimension to make the miniature cake.

Hire a Videographer: How fun would it be to place another accomplice at an adjacent table so that they can unobtrusively capture the entire proposal covertly on video. If you hire a professional they can also mic you in the bathroom after you arrive creating a high quality audio track of the proposal! You can send the video to family and friends, post it online, play it at your wedding reception or add it to the beginning of your finished wedding video.

I spotted this cute little topper on the Fancy Flours website. At only 2.5" high it would be a fun and whimsical touch for a fun and whimsical marriage proposal!


  1. What a cute idea!!! There's acually a restauarant like this where I'm from! This would be great for a couple that loves sushi date night! :)

  2. Haha, cute. I'm such a sushi scarfer that I'd probably eat around the ring and not even notice ;) Though, don't really need a sushi boat resto if you don't have a convenient one... you can just have the ring delivered on your boat sized platter (since they bring large orders on a boat, to your table, generally anyway), amidst all of the nigiri and maki ;-P Just sayin'. Lori

  3. Hi Kassi!

    And great suggestion Anonymous. A sushi boat laden with sushi and a ring tucked in the center would be a perfect solution if there are no sushi boat restaurants locally available to someone who wants to use this idea.

    And LOL on scarfing all of the sushi. I'd probably be like you and would be too busy eating to notice the ring :)


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