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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Found a Great Deal on Etsy.com

As much as I love shopping at high end kitchen shops like Sur la Table or Wiliams Sonoma, I equally love to find a great deal at the Goodwill, a yard sale or as it turns out, on Etsy.com. Just insert what you're looking for in the search field on their website and see if anything comes up. Though best known for the artist and designers they feature, I recently discovered they have a vintage/secondhand section. I think I searched "bakeware" the night I spotted this lot. The price was so great I didn't even bother to try to price it out. I snapped it up before someone else did.

Having just joined the Daring Kitchen to participate in the Daring Bakers Challenge the previous month, I was thrilled because I was certain I'd be able to use the molds and pans at some point for an upcoming gelatin, flan, pudding, panna cotta, mousse, tart or cake challenge since there's a new challenge each month.

The lot contained...

A four-loaf, non-stick pan that makes mini, decorative, 6" loaves of bread or pound cake. At $29.95 just this one cake pan, a like new, Nordic Ware Bundt Mini Loaf pan, retails for more than I paid for the entire lot!

Eight, Mini, Aluminum, Heart Shaped Pans

It was a little disappointing that two of the heart pans have dents in them. But for the price? Having a perfect set of six pans is just fine with me.

Six, 5" High, Aluminum, Easter Bunny, Cake Pans

Four, Double Tiered, Aluminum Molds

Four, Deeply Fluted, Aluminum, Flan Molds

Seven, Aluminum, Flan or Jello Molds

Six, Shallow, Tinned Steel, Tart or Flan Molds

Six, Mini, Tinned Steel, Fruitcake Molds

If you've never purchased used bakeware I'd suggest looking into it. I mean, why pay new when a slightly or even well used item is still essentially like new? Just watch for dents in molds, rust and scratched or peeling non-stick bakeware. With those exceptions I don't think you can go wrong. Plus it's exhilarating to snag a really great deal. It's like hitting a mini lotto and makes me happy because I'm saving money and am being eco-consious, recycling a usable item that might otherwise have been thrown away.

Happy Deal Hunting!

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