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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm a Food Trendsetter! Honey Walnut Tofu at Taiwan Restaurant

Last night I asked hubby if he wanted to go out to dinner to one of my most favorite places: Taiwan Restaurant in Willow Glen. Recently I'd been wondering something about their menu. Years ago I tried my first Honey Walnut Prawns dining at Taiwan because they're famous for their Honey Walnut Prawns. After I became allergic to seafood I asked if they could make Honey Walnut Chicken, which they did. Since going vegetarian in 2010 I was thinking just the other day that was one of the few meat dishes I'd truly miss... Then it hit me, I wondered how fried tofu would taste instead of chicken?

Last night we went and I ordered Honey Walnut Fried Tofu. Our waitress asked me twice what I meant because she said nobody had ever ordered it before. With anticipation I waited, hoping it would be, at the very least, "OK" because I was hungry and I even dared to hope it would be "Great" because then I could have Honey Walnut any time I wanted.


Our waitress seemed pretty excited about it and said she'd already told the owner and they would probably add it to their menu. It was a win-win and kind of funny that it hadn't ever occurred to them before. So now, if you're in Willow Glen, be sure to drop by Taiwan Restaurant on Lincoln Avenue and order a big plate of Honey Walnut Fried Tofu. The creamy sauce blended with the crispy tofu, crunchy shredded cabbage and candied walnuts is soooooooooooo delicious my mouth is watering just writing about it!


  1. Just stumbled by here while looking for wedding blogs and that just looks amazing, need to go get some lunch now lol

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I hope your lunch was delicious :D

    Be sure to check out our fun idea gallery over on The Flirty Guide if you're looking for unique wedding ideas



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