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Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the SF BayList's Best Local Blogger for 2011 is . . .

The Flirty Blog



* walking up to the mic*

*tap, tap, tap.*

Is this thing on?



Even though I hoped to win as SF Baylist's Best Local Blogger I didn't really allow myself to think that I'd actually win. So I didn't prepare anything to say ahead of time.

There are many people to thank. Seriously. Many. Like well over a hundred of you. So many of you voted for The Flirty Blog as your favorite. I can only attribute my success directly to all of you for your dedication and support.

So I thank you and promise to continue to blog. Diligently. With camera in hand taking lots of pictures wherever I go. *click, click, click.* I love that the blog has turned into, a fun, interesting, sometimes nitty gritty, food filled documentary of many of the things I do in my day to day life. A life made more interesting for the past five years by my desire to write about more interesting things for you. Seriously, if it weren't for all of you reading my blog I wouldn't have ever pushed and challenged myself to do many of the things I've done, gone to the places I've gone, eaten many of the things I've eaten, baked the things I've baked or gone out of my way to learn many of the things I've learned.

So not only did you help me to win as SF Baylist's Best Local Blogger, knowing that you're reading The Flirty Blog has inspired me to be a better me :)

Please be sure to visit the other top 4 blogs from the BayList competition:

2nd Place: MODE BAY AREA
MODE is written by Bay Area fashion, socialite and celebrity stylist Hasti Kashfia. Mode covers many specific topics including fashion, health and beauty and local events to being a mom or a bride. If you want to know where to shop, what to buy and hear the latest about established and up and coming fashion designers, MODE BAY AREA is for you.

Along with finishing side by side in the SF Baylist contest I recently discovered Hasti and I share something else in common: We were both employed at and attribute the foundation of our business success' to having worked at Nordstrom.

While working as a cashier in the Salon Shoe Department, Hasti began studying fashion by observing what the employees and customers wearing. Soon after being hired she moved into management and continued to learn and grow.

I also worked at Nordstrom, as a salesperson in several departments including Ladies Shoes, Savvy and Petite Focus. The neat thing about Nordstrom is that when I worked there I learned every job in each department I worked in. In the women's apparel departments we learned the value of giving great customer service, how to sell, cashier, merchandise, stock, take inventory, you name it , we did it. At the time I didn't realize just how valuable my experience working there would be. How it would be a pivotal experience that would help me to become an entrepreneur.

As I read on I learned not only did we both work at Nordstrom, Hasti and I also both believe in helping others and in being authentic in life and business. I look forward to learning more about the Bay Area fashion scene from MODE BAY AREA and am so glad I was introduced to so many great blogs through this experience.

3rd Place: SF Indie Fashion - Read my recent review about SF Indie Fashion HERE

4th Place: sf girl by bay - Read my recent review about sf girl by bay HERE

5th Place: tablehopper - Read my recent review about tablehopper HERE

Congratulations to all!

Now I need to think of a way to celebrate tonight. Hubby already had plans so I was going to be on my own tonight. Maybe I'll take myself out to dinner. Somewhere cool and exciting that I've always wanted to go. Wow. There are so many places like that! Whatever I do, you'll probably be reading about it here in a few days :)


  1. Congratulations Stacie!
    -- From Be The Match

  2. Congratulations Stacie, your blog is amazing, and you really deserve this win. :)

  3. Thank You Be The Match and Danielle!

    I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself today!

  4. Congratulations Stacie! You Deserve this recognition for your blog serving San Francisco!

  5. A big congrats! Great to hear you won.


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