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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Au Petit Chavignol... Cheese Redux

Slide show photos by Au Petit Chavignol

OK, that title may be a bit confusing to most of us. The first part "Au Petit Chavignol" is the name of a French restaurant and  the word "redux" is Latin for "to bring back" or "repeat."

No sooner had I just experienced my California Cheese Adventure with the Cowgirl Creamery when my friend came back from a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia and told me about a cheese restaurant she had enjoyed Raclette at. She didn't even know I'd just enjoyed Raclette for the first time ever, the same week, here in the Bay Area! LOL

She had their business card in her purse so I took a photo of it so I'd remember to look it up for you.

The timing was right so I wanted to pass along her recommendation that Au Petit Chavignol is a great dining experience. If you live there, lucky you :) If you don't live in Vancouver you can add it to your list of things to do when you're ever visiting the East Vancouver area.

The restaurant is intimate, seating only 36 guests at a time, so I'd recommend making a reservation if you're planning on dining there:

Tel 604-255-4218
Online on: www.OftenDining.com

Their website says:

"Au Petit Chavignol is a wine and cheese bar located in the thriving Strathcona neighbourhood of East Vancouver. We provide fine artisanal cheeses and meats sourced locally and throughout the world in an unassuming yet sophisticated room. Patrons enjoy carefully constructed platters of cheese, fine prosciutto, Iberico ham, locally sourced salamis and house-made terrines. We also offer delicious fondue and raclette, Croque Monsieur or Madame sandwiches, Vancouver's best "mac and cheese" and other favourites. We use produce from The SOLEfood Farm where ever possible on our menu, supporting United We Can."

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