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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Beautiful Double Rainbow

Last week hubby and I took a wrong turn in Los Gatos and this is what was in front of us at the end of the street.

"Stop the car (he ignored me)... Stop the Car (I think he asked if I was serious)... STOP THE FREAKING CAR" I hollered at him.

I grabbed my camera, stood in the middle of the road (don't worry, it was a quiet side street) and took this picture in the rain.

Though I was tempted I didn't make a video of it. Who can compete with the super famous "Giant Double Rainbow" guy?

Here's his Youtube viral hit video. As of just now it has 26,479,043 views. WOW.

I settled for a picture just because I thought it was really pretty. I posted it on Facebook and was really surprised how many people commented on it. Apparently people really enjoy the occasional double rainbow picture :)

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