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Friday, March 25, 2011

Winning is Fun, but It Isn't Everything

Well, the voting for the SF Baylist contest closed a week ago and the winner will be announced on March 31st. Because I was nominated I did my best to launch a good faith campaign to win the Best Local Blogger category. How do I define a good faith campaign? Well for starters:
  • I only asked the people who I know have read or regularly read my blog to vote for me.
  • I declined offers from friends saying they would ask their friends who didn't know me or my blog to vote for me.
  • I tried not to be annoying by repeatedly asking people to vote: I did post on Twitter a couple times per week, Facebook once a week and did one blog post when I first discovered I'd been nominated.
But before the winners are announced I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who threw a vote my way and that I'm cool with whether I win or lose :)

On the bright side, even if I lose, I've discovered a bunch of really great blogs written by some of my fellow nominees. Almost all outrank me on traffic and site valuation by generous margins so the real surprise will be if I win :P

The contest brought to light that even though I blog about a lot of topics, one that is noticeably absent is fashion. SF Indie Fashion and SFS Street Fashion Style are out there writing killer posts about the Bay Area fashion scene. You should check them out...


Founder and Editor Lorraine Sanders, along with a short list of contributors and content partners, keep readers up to date about the local Indie fashion scene.

From the SF Indie Fashion Blog: "SF Indie Fashion is a web site and online resource dedicated to independent designers in the Bay Area and beyond. We love the stores that sell ‘em, the shows that feature ‘em and the people that buy ‘em. We strongly believe in the importance of conscious consumerism and supporting San Francisco’s independent fashion scene, locally-owned boutiques and businesses, female entrepreneurs and creative endeavors of all kinds."


SFS is a comprehensive street fashion blog that began in 2008. Visit and you'll find photos of everyday people the blog's authors stopped on the street and asked "Can I take your picture?" Some of the photos are accompanied with the intersection the "look" was spotted at. Others include designer names and some even have short interviews. Check out this cool article I found that just published yesterday on CNN.com about the blog's authors Dyanna Dawson and John Tran.

If non-traditional interior design is your thing you should check out this blog...


Victoria Smith is the Editor and Writer of sfgirlbybay and her credentials are impressive...

From her blog: "sfgirlbybay is known for representing ‘bohemian modern style’ and for showcasing the freshest designers, artists, crafters, products and trends.

. . . victoria was honored to have recently been voted #10 of the london times top 50 design blogs, msn/glo’s 10 d├ęcor experts to watch and is most recently featured in elle decor, rue magazine, pure green magazine, gifted, the san francisco chronicle, and the february 2010 issue of loftlife magazine. she has also been featured in many major publications, including the new york times, domino, sunset, better homes & gardens diy, and real living magazines, as well as television programs as abc’s ‘view from the bay‘ and hgtv’s ‘small space, big style‘. she is a frequent writer for 7×7, and uppercase magazines, as well as a guest blogger for such sites as poppytalk, design*sponge, apartment therapy and decor8."

Onward to food.... Wow there are some great food blogs out there. While Michael Bauer's Inside Scoop may have been the first local food blog I was reading, it will no longer be the only one. After checking out Eater, Bay Area Bites and Tablehopper I'm a fan of all three and have subscribed to all of their RSS feeds so I can read their latest and greatest posts.

CLICK HERE to visit Michael Bauer's Blog

Inside Scoop with Michael Bauer is the only blog I was reading before the contest began. I've enjoyed reading Michael's friendly and insightful food reviews for years.

From Inside Scoop: "Michael Bauer is the executive food and wine editor and restaurant critic for the San Francisco Chronicle where he is in charge of the largest food and wine staff on any newspaper in the United States."


Eater is a great news blast food blog.

From the Eater Blog: "Launched September 27th, 2007, Eater SF provides extensive coverage of the San Francisco restaurant, nightlife and bar scene. From the newest temples of haute cuisine to the oldest bars in the Bay Area, Eater SF has you covered with original reporting; user-generated tips, rants and raves; and a curated round-up of what the rest of the restaurant and food media are talking about. Updated a dozen times a day or more, if it's not on Eater SF, you don't have to know about it."


I'm shocked I'd never heard of Bay Area Bites before. It's a collaborative blog that's also destined to become one of my favs.

"Bay Area Bites, KQED's aggregate food blog, is dedicated to providing a variety of food-related information from the Bay Area and beyond. BAB bloggers are culinary professionals, food writers, and cookbook editors. Many have local food blogs of their own. Blogger profiles are online so you can learn more about each BAB contributor."

And this made me laugh a bit.. On the "about" page on the Tablehopper website it states:

"So, first things first: tablehopper.com is not a blog; it’s a website, with content provided by my free weekly e-column, 'the tablehopper.' . . . It comes out every Tuesday and Friday, and is free to subscribe. So hop on board!"

Ironic only because it's author, Marcia Gagliardi, was nominated as Best Local Blogger. Website or blog I really like it and will be following Tablehopper from now on :)

And last but not least, Laughing Squid is a blog that's bound to hold something that amuses everyone from artists to fashionistas to foodies and techies alike.

From the Laughing Squid blog: "Founded in 1995, Laughing Squid is an online resource for art, culture & technology and an independent web hosting company. It is run by primary tentacle Scott Beale, who is also the publisher editor of the blog and is joined by the occasional guest blogger."


In total there were 54 blogs nominated so while it would be cool to win, and would give my blog a boost of "street cred," winning isn't everything and I'm confident that continuing to grow my readership post by post will work out okey dokey in the end.

Here's the thing, I figure if I don't win I could be the local blogging version of Clay Aiken. He didn't win American Idol but he was able to use his runner up exposure as a launch pad to create a larger fan base and take his music further, faster than he could have if he'd never been on AI.

So that could be me. If I lose, I want to become the Clay Aiken of the SF Bay Area local blogging scene :D

ETA 3/31/11: CLICK HERE to learn who won :)


  1. thanks for the shout out! glad you found SF Indie Fashion - I'm glad I found your blog too!

  2. Happy to share you with my readers on the shout out and thanks for dropping by sf indie fashion :)


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