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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Earth Day Celebration 2011

Today I went outside and planted a tree to officially celebrate Earth Day.

For Valentine's Day this year my hubby asked if I wanted chocolates or flowers. I asked for and received a lime tree and had been too lazy to go out and plant it.


When I found out April 22nd was Earth Day it seemed perfectly appropriate to procrastinate a few weeks longer so that I could plant the tree on a day of significance.

So the 22nd came and I discovered I am really out of shape.

Digging that hole almost did me in.

Turns out the proper way to plant a lime tree is to dig the hole just deep enough so that the root ball extends 2" above the soil line but dig the hole twice as wide as the pot. You can't tell in the picture but I had to dig both to the left and right of the tree to get the double wide width. Whew. It was a lot of digging. I'll keep you posted if it produces fruit.


 It has lots of blossoms so I'm thinking there's a good chance we'll have limes this fall :)

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