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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Moms, Aunties and Friends

It's Mother's Day and I wanted to post a special tribute of appreciation today to my Auntie Mary. (My mom's tribute is here)


If you're lucky, your family has an Auntie Mary too. You know, the person who has been a part of your life since the day you were born. She is someone you are able to recall many memories about from your childhood but it isn't until you're older that you realize her contributions in your life are part of the foundation upon which your character was built upon.

What I've learned from my Auntie are things I've learned by her example. She has been a role model in how to be honorable, hardworking, independent and self sufficient. How to be helpful and kind and take care of others. How to cook and garden and live a good and meaningful life.

And what I can tell you about her is this: She has always been there for any member of our family, and friends too, ready to help in any way that was needed. Selfless, nurturing and reliable would describe how she has helped, and continues to help, the people lucky enough to have her in their lives. As for me, how lucky am I to know I have always had the luxury of knowing she would always be there for me if I ever needed her? That is special and I do appreciate it.

In a literal sense to be called a mother means you've had a child. But each year I call my Auntie Mary and wish her a happy Mother's Day because in her own way she has been a mother many times over to myself and many people in my family who have needed her love and support over the years.

There may be other women in your life, aunties and maybe family friends, who have freely given you their time, emotions and invested their energy into you, helping you to become the person you are today and bottom line, that's a better person than if they hadn't been there.

So to Auntie Mary and my Mom I'd like to wish both of you a very Happy Mother's day! Thank you for all you have both done to help and support me over the years. And though we don't say it out loud very often in our family, since I know you both read this blog, I want to say I love you both very much!

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