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Monday, May 16, 2011

The SF Food Blogger Bake Sale Raised $2400+ for a Great Cause


The recap of the SF Food Blogger Bake Sale last Saturday in San Francisco. I participated by baking, volunteering, shopping and eating, LOL.

This national bake sale was started by Gaby Dalkin of www.WhatsGabyCooking.com to benefit a non-profit called Share Our Strength. Their "No Kid Hungry Campaign" is working to end childhood hunger in our country's homes and schools. Last year the SF baking bloggers raised $1700. This year over $2400 was raised at two locations to give to Share Our Strength.


The Location I worked at was 18 Reasons, an art and food community center in SF's Mission District at 18th and Guerrero.


I dropped off a really decadent Flirty Chocolate Cake and three dozen Orange Gumdrop Cookies at 10:30 AM.

A big thank you to friends Gabriela Reid of Colorful Events and Photographer Elley Ho who both came and purchased items at the bake sale to help me support the kids :)


There were shoppers and eaters, including a writer for the Examiner.


There were grown up flavored cupcakes like Coconut Madness, Kahlua-Coffee Goodness and Mint Basil Explosion. . .


And super cute Cookie Monster cupcakes for kids.


There were cakes. . .


And more cakes.


Pies and Tarts


Gluten-free Donuts


Lots of Cookies


Coconut Macaroons and French Macarons


Classic, Gluten-free and Fancy Brownies


Fresh Marshmallows


There were plenty of volunteers.


Banana Bread


Lemon Poppyseed Loaves


And these cute cakes in jars, Nutella flavored for grown ups and layered rainbow cake for kids.

After wandering the streets of SF all day I headed back for my 4:00-5:00 PM volunteer shift with Shauna and Irvin (both organizers of the event) and several other volunteers. Before I left I did meet Jen from www.WhereTheMagpieFlies.blogspot.com who arrived early for her 5:00-6:00 PM shift all the way from Fairfield, which is near Napa!


Here's what I purchased: Shauna's Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallows (www.PieceOfCake.blogspot.com). I totally forgot that they probably have gelatin in them hence my self dietary designation as an accidental omnivore rather than vegetarian :P


And Irvin's (www.EatTheLove.com) Marbled Genmaicha White and Dark Chocolate Brownies.


I really loved this brownie for it's taste, texture and because it was just so pretty. I loved the green color beside the chocolate. It wasn't too sweet or sticky. I never like under baked brownies and this one was just right :)


Funniest of all was I bought my own cake back because nobody else did. It was for a good cause and I thought, pretty hilarious. Plus I really wanted a slice of the cake the whole time I was driving it up to SF that morning.


A thick and chewy bittersweet chocolate glaze covering and sandwiched between three layers of flourless chocolate cake. I went all out and even made chocolate curls at 1:00 AM that morning.


So the day after the bake sale I was the chocolate cake fairy delivering slices all over the South Bay. Which was better than the alternative of me eating the entire cake over the course of the next 3 days all by myself.

I'll be sure to post about the bake sale next year so if you want to bake, volunteer, shop, eat or all four you'll have plenty of time so sign up and put it on your calendar.

My thanks to organizers, Anita, Annalies, Irvin, Lisa and Shauna for putting together the event for the rest of us to participate in :)

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