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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Free Cuisinart Espresso Machine!

No, I didn't win it or receive it as a gift... I found it sitting on the curb with a sign taped to the top that read "FREE WORKS WELL! JUST GOT A NEW ONE." And it's not junky, it's a Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Machine in great condition!

My lucky day!

The stainless cup and scoop/tamper were included. WOW! I was so excited.

I haven't used the machine yet because I have beans and Torani chocolate sauce but no bean grinder or milk. Once I get them I'll post how my first attempt went.

Since my first mocha during the Palo Alto food adventure I've now had three...

#1 at Calafia, Palo Alto, CA

#2 at Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop, San Francisco, CA

#3 at KMVT Mountain View, CA

My most recent cup was at 10:00 PM last Thursday night made by hubby's friend Nicole. I was afraid I'd regret drinking a fully caffeinated shot of espresso so late at night but I was sound asleep by 2:00 am which wasn't too bad. And it was so worth it. It was delicious! Best I've ever had of the three I've ever had.

I fell asleep thinking I wanted to get an espresso machine so I could make them from time to time at home.

Less than 24 hours later I found this machine sitting on the curb as hubby and I were heading out for dinner. "BACK UP and PULL OVER" I hollered at him because he didn't slow down the first time I asked nicely. "I think that was an espresso machine" I said. He was poo pooing me saying it wasn't as I leapt out of the car. Eeeeek! It was! It made me so happy not just because it was free but because it was kind of like recycling. I felt like I was adopting it and giving it a new home.

I went online to find a video tutorial about how to make a mocha. This one by top UK barista Robert Henry looked good.

I have to admit I've never put anything even close to equally great out on our curb.

We did give away this old futon that hubby inherited from his friend when he moved back to Canada. The mattress had become incredibly lumpy and bumpy. It took a day or two. We even sat on it for a while the first night after we were done walking the dog. It was pretty funny.

I found a recipe online for espresso brownies. I think I'll have to bake a batch and drop them off for my neighbor. I'm also planning to make affogatos this summer and coffee ice cream. I think this machine is going to come in very handy!

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