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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pete Escovedo and "The E Family" in Concert

I've always been curious to see and hear legendary timbalore and percussionist Pete Escovdeo perform not because I'm a fan of Latin jazz but because I've always wondered if I would like it. I thought I would but I wasn't sure.

I did like his daughter Sheila E's music back in the early 80's. Remember "The Glamorous Life?" She looked great and sounded even better! Her voice is beautiful and when she plays the drums, WOW, you better stand back and prepare to be amazed! She pours every fiber of her being into her drum solos. It was so impressive to see a lifetime of commitment and dedication show through when she plays.

Here is Sheila with her brother Juan to the right of her playing the cow bell. I got the cow bell app for my iPhone during the Winter Olympics and rang it as I watched television but Juan was really playing it as a musical instrument.

A very talented musical family, here Peter Michael teases his pop about how Pete has always given him a hard time for dressing up for concerts on top wearing a jacket, button down shirt and tie but always with jeans.

Last night was the first time his dad ever dressed down still wearing a complete suit but complementing it with a pair of really hip, laceless sneakers which Pete was happy to show off to the crowd as Peter Michael teased him about them.

This was such a fun concert because the family is so much fun together, teasing their dad about his shopping habits, their dad teasing the audience about how great it is that next week he'll be 76 years old because he gets all kinds of senior discounts everywhere he goes, and it was neat that they were performing in the Bay Area because Oakland is their hometown.

Sheila E and brother Peter Michael Escovedo

Peter Michael made a plea towards the end of the concert for adults to please support the arts and music in education. It is sad to know that as school budgets tighten these are often the first programs cut in most schools.

I know many people often view art and music education as luxuries but really, they are a part of the fiber of cultures and would and will be sorely missed as future generations move away from the creative thinking and expression that takes place when creativity (in all forms) is not encouraged, supported and nurtured.

While listening to the show two thoughts crossed my mind, I either want to learn to play the drums or learn how to salsa dance to Latin jazz music. Well, I'm assuming you can salsa to Latin jazz. Maybe not, but whatever you do dance to Latin jazz I bet it's really fun.

Someday when I have some free time I will do the latter but will have to find a dance partner because I don't think hubby would be into dance lessons. That's why we had professional dancers dance our first dance for us at our wedding reception. LOL

Villa Montalvo at Night

This was also the first time I've ever attended an outdoor concert at the Montalvo Arts Center in their Lilian Fontaine Garden Theatre. It's a really lovely venue with an intimate amphitheater. I look forward to attending more shows there in the future.

The show was part of "The ARTTEC Summer Series" a partnership with the Sobrato Arts Foundation for Education described on their website as:
"Arts Related Technical Training for Entertainment Careers

ARTTEC is a program for high school students, offering hands-on career training in the entertainment industry. Students learn by working with industry veterans and celebrity mentors on actual productions that are designed for national public release.

For the first time ever, ARTTEC is accepting high school students from throughout the Silicon Valley. If you are grade 9 through 12, with the commitment and drive to be successful in the entertainment industry, then we want to hear from you!

Applications for ARTTEC Academy are only accepted from current ARTTEC Student Members. High school students can become members by registering online. If you would like to register for membership, please visit the enrollment page."

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