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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Flirty Blog's Most Popular Photos and Posts

Today I'm creating a "Best Of" list for the blog sidebar. I'll be removing some of the content that's been there for awhile and will instead add some of the most popular posts and images I've taken for the blog and will update the list from time to time. If you missed them the first time around, here's your chance to catch them now.

When I created the How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost blog post I had no idea it would take the DJ World by storm. Literally dozens of DJ's nationwide and around the world have linked in to this post.

Everyone loves the Chia Pet Kitai.... A Custom Halloween Dog Costume blog post but particularly people on Pinterest. Not only have the costume and post gone viral on the internet, it's inspired other dog lovers to make their own pups Chia Pet costumes too!

People on Flickr love this before and after photo of when I cut off 18" of my hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Donation program in June 2010. after one hair cut a few months back I'm now growing it back out again so I can donate by 2014

The Promises and Pearls Bridal Soiree • SF 2009 was a wedding showcase I almost didn't attend due to my small but serious ankle injury that year. Remember Frankenfoot?

When my friend Juliet's sisters made these adorable DIY Baby Shower Cupcakes I'm certain none of knew that this photo would one day go viral on the internet.

Readers on Flickr love this photo from My New Favorite Dessert: The Raspberry Macaron at Patisserie Philippe. It's impossible to say if this dessert was as beautiful as it was delicious or as delicious as it was beautiful. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Sign on San Diego readers love this Easy Cheesy, Vegetarian, Baked Ziti Recipe post and have been clicking over to The Flirty Blog for all of the details for months now.

People LOVE this post. about the Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel Showcase. It's been receiving steady traffic for years now! I know this red and teal table top is part of the reason. There's also a stunning crystal, feather and floral arrangement by the very talented Nicole Ha.

Citizen Cake Fruit Gelees and Home's Bread Pudding are two of my favorite desserts in San Francisco. A Yelp reader sent me a profanity laced compliment she loved this image so much. LOL

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