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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Learning How to Vlog!

I've been meaning to start vlogging for at least the past two years. What is vlogging? It's when you create a video and post it on your blog.

My plan was to create a video a day for 30 days then post the first and last ones here in a single blog post. Now that I've made a few I've changed my mind and wanted to go ahead and post some of them now because Day 3 came out surprisingly well! Who knew iMovie would be so easy to learn to edit with? I think it's worth sharing my learning curve with other people who've been on the fence when it comes to shooting videos for their blogs.

I wanted to learn to vlog because I believe it, like blogging, is a trend that isn't ever going to go away so the earlier you start the more you'll benefit from your videos being online if, and only if, you do it right!

The reason I finally started was because my good friend Robbie Schlosser gave me a nudge when I saw him at the last Martini Madness.

Day 1

Day one was pretty rough. Many of you know I dread being in front of a camera. Any kind of camera. So I was very nervous and tense in this video. I feel like I was kind of stumbling around in the dark. If you watch the video you'll see what I mean.

But, I made it through and sent it to my Public Speaking Coach Mark Ferrell*. He and his wife Rebecca sent me back some great constructive criticism (after greeting me with a "Bravo! Yay! Yippee! WooT! Woooohoooo!"). Thanks Mark, you know how much I needed that encouragement :)

Day 2

I was still nervous but much more aware of what I needed to do to improve the overall quality of my performance, which contrary to the word "performance" is to simply act natural. I'd say I did ok. I just kept thinking about what Mark and Rebecca said and tried my best.

Each day I did a number of takes (like a dozen) until I did one I thought showed improvement. I was still working off the top of my head with no formal script or outline. This is winging it folks :D

Day 3

What a difference a day makes.

I think I had a breakthrough.

The thing is, when I'm nervous I speak more slowly than usual. Watching the playback something clicked and I realized I needed to talk faster. So on day three I tried to pick up the pace and thought I sounded much more natural.

Not only that but I took the time to learn how to use iMovie. I swear! If I'd realized sooner how easy it was going to be to figure out the basics I would have started vlogging a year ago.

So, on Day 3 I attempted an actual post about the Food Tours I go on at least once a month and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's not perfect. Not even close. But I'm actually excited about the thought of making vlog posts now which is a lot futher along than I was just a few days ago.

I'm using a Canon HG10 video camera with a tripod.

I'll update my progress from time to time on how things are going. I still need to create a cute opening clip, like for a tv show, so some kind of graphics and a little jingle will be needed.

I also want to work on a cute backdrop for when I film segments at home. I'm thinking green screen is the way to go. I just don't know how easy or hard it is to create a mini green screen. Fortunately I know a lot of videographers so I'm hoping one or a few of them can give me some idea if I'm setting myself up for failure or if a home green screen is doable.

*BTW if anyone else needs speaking coaching, Mark Ferrell will be in San Jose in October. Let me know if you're interested in working with him and I can make introductions. And don't forget I'm sponsoring a $200 discount for anyone who wants to take the Bronze Level MC Workshop while he's here if 8 people sign up for the class.

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