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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've Decided to Write a Cookbook!

It's going to be full of easy recipes for novice home chefs who love sophisticated food.

My goal is to create tasty and kind of fancy looking and/or sounding food with just a handful of ingredients. I want real people in the real world to be able to whip up a recipe without feeling stressed out that they have to collect 24 ingredients, that it will be too complicated or cost prohibitive. I'm going to create really great food for everyday people to make at home.

For me, creating a recipe comes from two sources:

1. Sometimes I think about foods I've eaten and certain flavor combinations pair up in my mind. I can imagine exactly how they will taste and go together so well that when I try creating a new recipe it usually works.

2. Other times I want to not just make a recipe I know, I want to create a new recipe combining elements of one or more existing recipes, personalizing them into something fresh and original.

My inspiration to create a cookbook comes from The Daring Kitchen. Being part of the Daring Bakers has made me realize that even newbies can create awesome dishes. Since joining in January earlier this year I've discovered I seem to have a natural ability to create good flavor combinations and visual presentations.

Add to that my affinity (aka total obsession) with Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I've learned so many really cool cooking techniques watching his tv show that I've started testing out on recipes I already make and new recipes I'm creating and they're taking the food to a whole new level.

This is my first recipe still in the works. It's a savory, breakfast-for-dinner French toast. While there are other savory French toast recipes out there this one came truly from a place of inspiration because I love, love, love Acme Bread Company's Olive Bread so much and wanted to create a new way to use it. I've made it twice and it's delicious! For those of you who don't have access to Acme's bread, I'll create an alternative suggestion so you can end up with the same results using what's available to you locally.

Here are some photos... You'll have to wait for the book for the recipe :) Whether for brunch or a breakfast for dinner kind of meal it's a winner morning, noon or night:

Acme Olive Bread

French Toast'ed Bread

Oven Roasted Asparagus

A Savory (Surprise) Sabayon Sauce. . . I'll reveal the surprise in the book!

Topped Off with a Fried Egg

I'll keep posting similar prototypes of ideas here on the blog in the coming months just to keep you in the loop of how things are coming along.

Want to know when the book will be available? If you all think it's a great idea and want it sooner than later I'll work harder to finish it sooner. Just click on this link "YAY I'm Going to Publish a Cookbook" to be added to the mailing list I'll use to keep you posted when a pre-sell or release date has been set :D

Right now I'm thinking I'll self publish but if a publisher is interested I'd love to chat with you.

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