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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don Henley at The Mountain Winery

The Mountain Winery has become my favorite concert venue in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area because it's intimate and really, really beautiful up in the hills of Saratoga.

And what better place to see my favorite singer/songwriter than at my favorite concert venue?

Ah. Don Henley was here last week! For those not in the know he's best known as the lead singer, songwriter and drummer of the Eagles. But he's also had a successful solo career on his own with albums like Building the Perfect Beast and The End of the Innocence.

A notable fact: Don Henley is the only performer I've ever purchased over priced secondary tickets for probably a decade ago when I found out too late that he was coming to Berkeley as the show was sold out. This time hubby got tickets the day they went on sale so we didn't have to go to extreme measures to see him live.

The Mountain Winery's policy is that it allows photos for certain shows but no professional cameras with detachable lenses and no flash photography or video.

From ten rows back with no zoom capabilities you have to take a lot of bad pictures before you get a good one but I thought this one came out pretty good considering the limitations.

It was a great show with Don weaving stories between the songs and taking the time to really engage with the crowd. He also did some cover versions from other artists like Tears for Fears and Randy Newman and even some Funky Stuff. We loved it!

The End of Show

The extra fun thing was we ran into our friends Jon and Kathleen before the show started and our friends Michael and Stacy after it was over :) Michael and Stacy were seated three rows ahead of us and four seats over. I spotted them just before the show started and couldn't wait to say "Hi" when it was over.

My favorite songs of his he performed that night were:
Dirty Laundry
Everything Is Different Now
New York Minute
The Boys of Summer
The End of the Innocence
The Heart Of The Matter
The Last Worthless Evening

And from the Eagles:
Hotel California
Life in the Fast Lane

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