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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to be a happy tourist in Toronto, Canada

You may recall I recently posted a video recounting the awful day I had in Toronto four years ago when my hubby kind of  tricked me into walking around the in the rain for a total of nine miles, six of which were in the rain.

Having just returned from Toronto I'm very happy to report that with better weather and a great tour guide I had a much better visit! I think this video should be titled "The Redemption of Toronto" but really it wasn't the city's fault I didn't have fun the first time :P

The narrated video contains lots of images and three short clips I shot around Toronto.

To recap, this video is of our second day in Toronto when we headed back down to the CN Tower, with our friends Duane and Chris, to use our "Total Tour" passes we received as part of our EdgeWalk tickets the day before.

Trying to maintain my momentum from doing the EdgeWalk I posed for a lot of touristy pictures the next day. Since I hate being in photos this was, in itself, an act of courage. LOL

Upstairs at Union Station after taking the subway back into town.

We met back up with my friend Chris who lives downtown then headed back to the CN Tower.

The scariest level was the Glass Floor which, oddly enough, was the lowest of the three levels we visited that day.

I was really scared so Chris did his best to lighten my mood and tried to get me to relax enough to lie down on the floor. Lots of other people were lying down but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Maybe it was because we were 1122 feet high in the air?

This was as good as I got.

The guys were much more brave than I and actually jumped up and down on the glass. There's a photo of them in the video that even now makes me cringe just thinking about how scared I was watching them. 

After that we had lunch at the Lone Star Texas Grill where I had this huge plate of nachos. I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning at the airport when we took off for MN which totally grossed hubby out because they were cold and soggy from being in the fridge. LOL

Then we split up with the guys because Hubby wanted to go pick up his passport he'd had renewed a few days earlier and Chris took me on a one hour walking tour of downtown.

I think this is my favorite picture I took with Chris. It's our reflection on the side of the RBC building which is the tall, triangular, gold building you can see in the photo from the glass floor above.

Chris took me to Brookfield Place where I saw this gorgeous atrium and lit, blown glass sculpture.

Then we were off to the Hockey Hall of Fame for this picture of me hanging out with the hockey players. We also walked by the Gooderham Flatiron Building which is featured in the video.

We ended our walking tour at Second Cup Coffee where I had my first soy iced mocha. It was fantastic and is my favorite mocha drink!

Chris then guided me to the nearest subway station as I had to meet back up with the guys to head out.

It was a very successful afternoon. I had a great time and am looking forward to going back to Toronto hopefully in a couple of years. 

My final travel post will be about my first visit to Minnesota where we traveled to St. Paul and I both spoke at and attended the Blogher Handmade/The Creative Connection Event conference. It was a blast and I learned a lot of great business info to share with all of you entrepreneurs out there!

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