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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Create Video+Blog Vlog Posts

Are you vlogging yet? Have you added videos to your blog posts or a welcome video to your website? If the answer is no it may be time to consider joining what I think is the next big thing in self marketing/promoting your company through social media. I wrote an entire blog post about this subject that you can read over on Ron Dawson's DARE DREAMER magazine.

Visit Ron Dawson's Dare Dreamer Magazine to read my guest blog post.

By nature I think we're a curious bunch who like to know what someone looks and sounds like and when given the opportunity we'll take it just to see for ourselves. If the person presents themselves well on video, they have now gained an advantage over their competitors who don't. Think of it like having your own show! Imagine all of your competitors are marketing themselves through magazine ads and articles and you're the only one with your own tv show!

If your worried about your presentation skills, work on them! Not only have I been practicing on my own with a video camera and tripod, I've been working with my public speaking coach, Mark Ferrell, for a year and a half now.

I can tell you right now the hardest part for most people is to simply act natural on camera but once you do it starts to become fun instead of something you dread.

Welcome to the official The Flirty News Youtube Channel

The improvements are pretty dramatic. Especially between the first and third videos I made when I started working on my learning how to vlog. You can see them in the guest post on Dare Dreamer Magazine when you read the article or view them on my Youtube Channel.

I'll be working with Mark again next month when he arrives in San Jose for a series of workshops. I feel so strongly about the benefits of learning to be a great public speaker when you're your company's only PR person that I'm sponsoring a $200 per person discount (off the retail price) on the Bronze Level, two day workshop on October 12th and 13th, 2011, if the work shop sells out.

Since there are only eight students per workshop the odds are very good that  some of you may save some serious dollars if you decide to work on your presentation skills too.

You can learn more about the discount and why I'm offering it by Clicking Here or simply contact Mark and Rebecca Ferrell directly at (909) 226-7032.

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