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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Canada: I hope I like Toronto more the second time

The first, and only, time I've visted Toronto was 4 years ago. I didn't find the city particularly enjoyable the day we went to the Eaton Centre Mall. Perhaps this little photo and video montage will explain why:

This is my first narrated video! I like it better than being on camera myself :D

In case you don't have time to watch the video (it's less than 3 minutes long), in a nut shell, Hubby convinced and/or tricked me into walking nine miles that day. Six of them were in the rain, and three of those were because he had to have Tim Hortons Timbits donut holes for breakfast.

Today I'm heading back to Toronto and then to St Paul, MN for the Blogher Handmade/Creative Connection Event. I'm 100% certain I will have more fun in Toronto this time around!

Some fun trivia from Maps.Google: Of the three modes of transportation, driving, biking and walking, here's how long it would take to get from San Jose to Toronto:

Driving: 1 day 18 hours
Biking: 9 days 16 hours
Walking: 34 days 10 hours.

To be honest I'm kind of surprised it only takes 34 days to walk to Toronto. I would have thought it would take at least twice that long. 

We're flying. I'll let you know how long it took us to get there when we arrive in Canada and I write my first "from the road" blog post!

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