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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tomatotastic! Tiny Sweet Pea tomatoes from my garden

You might assume by looking at this picture that I'm growing cherry tomatoes. But they aren't cherry tomatoes. They are much, much smaller than cherry tomatoes.

Three full grown tomatoes fit together on a penny!

I grew a single plant of Sweet Pea Tomatoes from Cole Canyon Farm. The lady I bought the plant from said it makes a good basket plant so I thought it would be small. I ended up planting it in the ground and not a basket. Well, the plant is now about 5-6 feet in circumference!

Hubby said "How will we know when we're eating them?" because he thought they would be too small to taste. Well, it turns out these teeny tomatoes are packed with flavor! Each bite is a burst of pure tomato goodness in your mouth. I should know, I don't really like raw tomatoes but I love these little guys :D

And it's a good thing I love them since I think in just another 3 weeks we will have dozens if not hundreds ready to pick! It seems I chose the perfect location, soil and amount of water for my tomato plant. It couldn't be happier. I'll take a picture of it when I return from my trip.

Next year if you see a Sweet Pea tomato plant pick one up for your garden if you have lots of space. You won't be sorry.

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