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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pinterest: The New Social Media Sensation

A few weeks ago I took a peek at my blog stats and saw a lot of people had come to The Flirty Blog from a site called "Pinterest" to see the post I did about my dog Kitai's Chia Pet Halloween costume back in 2000. And I don't mean a few people, I mean hundreds in just one day!

A search of "Chia Pet" reveals Kitai is dominating those key words on Pinterest.

 As soon as I saw the site I was hooked.

The easiest way to explain Pinterest is to say that people add really beautiful, delicious, cute, inspiring or fun images from around the internet to virtual bulletin "boards" they've created that other people can then "repin" to their own boards to share with their followers.

Below is a sample of the Pinterest home page:

Above is what the Pinterest home page looks like. On the left side bar is recent activity from other members "liking," "pinning" or "commenting" on photos you have "pinned" on boards you create as you surf the net.

This is what a "pinned" image looks like with image stats and usually a short description about the photo.  See how ten people liked this photo of Kitai, one commented and 55 other people have repinned it? And this was just one of hundreds of people who have now shared this picture with everyone who has subscribed to the images on their boards.

So I joined and set up my own account. You can see it at: www.Pinterest.com/stacie_tamaki

These are my boards. I have categories that range from food to decor, beautiful images and backyard chickens.

Above are images I've "liked" on other people's boards.

Above are the latest images I've pinned or repinned to my boards.

And here's a close up of my Backyard Chicken board. It includes cute chicken hutch ideas and the breeds of chickens I'd like to have someday.

So how do you add a photo to your board? By adding Pinterest to your browser tool bar you can then visit a (non-flash) web page and save a photo to your boards.

For instance I liked this photo of a blue silkie chicken and wanted to pin it. I clicked on the "Pin It" link on my tool bar just below the little house and + buttons in the upper left corner of my browser window.

When you click "Pin It" images on the page will show up and you click on the blue "Pin This" button of the image you would like to share.

A small dialogue window opens that allows you to do two things: Select the board you'd like to add the photo to and create a short description about the image. When you're done you click on the red "Pin It" button.

When you're done with that you'll receive a "success" dialogue box to let you know the image has been added to your boards.

To view your pin you can can go the Pinterest home page and your image will be in the top left. Anyone else who likes it can then "Like," "Comment" or "Repin" it.

Yes, it's just one more place to spend time online but Pinterest is like a breath of fresh air. There's no drama or negativity. Just beautiful pictures on every page. Come find me!

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