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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project Pink with Mode Bay Area and Westfield Valley Fair

Recently I was invited to join a sold out crowd of guests for the 2nd annual Project Pink fashion show celebrating cancer survivors and fashion at Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center and co-hosted by Mode Bay Area.

Mode Bay Area's Hasti Kashfia was our Master of Ceremonies.

It was a fund raiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. Following the show participating companies hosted after parties in their stores. If you love fashion and supporting a great cause Project Pink is a perfect afternoon for you!

I knew I was almost there when I saw the large tent out in the parking lot.

At the door everything was pink!

Inside the tent was a classic elevated runway with rows of seating.

At the end of the runway there were a lot of photographers with really professional cameras.

Me? I sat in a seat enjoyed the show and used my little point and shoot because I figured later I'd be able to send you to a link with some of the professional images of the youthful, casual to elegant fashions that graced the cat walk that day.  CLICK HERE for the professional shots.

I haven't been to too many fashion shows but it always cracks me up how the women in the audience politely clap at outfits they like but then turn into a cheering, woo-hoo'ing, bunch of gals out on the town when the male models hit the stage. I swear, it happens every time :D

Fashions were provided by The Gap, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Super Dry, Franco Uomo and Ann Taylor.

Mike Ortiz from Microsoft arrived to present a giant Technology Grant check for $10,000 to the American Cancer Society. BTW Microsoft will soon be opening a store in Valley Fair mall so be sure to visit them if you're a Microsoft fan.

After Hasti introduced herself she introduced Laura Kathleen, a contestant from Project Runway Season 9 who spoke, followed by cancer survivors Heather Thompson-Twardus and Cathy Haire.

Both Heather and Cathy shared their stories about how they found out they had cancer and what it took for them to survive it, not just medically but with the love and support of their families and friends. This being the age of technology Heather described in great detail how much the support she found online, particularly on Facebook, has helped her through her recovery. And Cathy shared that while the very aggressive form of cancer she had was discovered when it was Stage 2, she underwent treatment and has been in remission for three years now.

From left to right cancer survivors Cathy and Heather were joined by Jill Halvorson, honoring her niece Holly Elizabeth Minor, and cancer survivor Jennifer Hardesty for a balloon walk finale at the end of the show.

There was plenty of music because along with the DJ who gave the models great songs on the runway during the fashion show, the very talented, thirteen year old vocalist Isabelle Simone performed two songs that day.

The crowd lingered and mingled after the fashion show.

There was a raffle. Everything was pink! 

And a fun pink candy buffet!

There was even a cotton candy machine. . .

Making fresh, pink cotton candy.

There were pink small plates to nosh on before the show started.

And cute strawberry desserts after the show was over.

The bartenders were busy serving pink cocktails from start to finish. The crowd was so large I had to sneak up to the front of the line just to be able to see them to take this picture.

For myself I was very happy there was a self-serve water bar!

Everyone received a Project Pink Goodie Bag!

I think it's fantastic that Mode Bay Area and Westfield Valley Fair hosted this fundraiser for the second time. It was both an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon and I'm sure the tickets will sell out next year too so be sure to purchase them early when the event is announced if you want to attend.

If you've never been to Westfield Valley Fair it's a huge two level indoor shopping center on Steven's Creek Blvd in Santa Clara, CA conveniently located near where Highway 280, Highway 880 and Highway 17 all intersect. Click Here for directions and come take a peek!

Beyond the pink ribbons that have come to symbolize the fight against breast cancer this is what I think everyone needs to know: With early detection there is a 98% survival rate. When breast cancer is discovered late the survival rate drops to 27%.

So please don't wait. If you're over forty and it's been more than a year make your appointment to have a routine mammogram.

Early detection is key to having the best survival rates when it comes to any form of cancer. CLICK HERE to learn about early detection for all types of cancer on the American Cancer Society website.

(I originally posted the following information on July 16, 2009 on The Helping Tami Blog.)

With Early Detection 98% Survive Breast Cancer

And with late detection 73% won't survive.

Have statistics ever been more clear than that? Does that make you want to go for a mammogram? Do a monthly self breast exam? It should. I hope it does.

I had my first mammogram 1998 and my second in 2006. What else can I say to encourage you? To motivate you? To get you to pick up your phone, call your doctor and schedule a mammogram?

No insurance? Your community might have free mammogram programs. Just go to Google and search free+mammograms+city+state that you live in. Also CLICK HERE to locate a free Planned Parenthood Mammogram Program Nationwide. Or check out this list to locate other free programs. The link is from 2003 but I suspect most of these programs are still ongoing or they can let you know who to contact if they no longer offer free mammograms.

You can also visit THIS SITE to help other women in need receive a free mammogram...Just a click every day. (Thanks to Michelle for sending me the link)

You can help to spread the word. To print this poster and hang it at your place of work, on a community bulletin board or anywhere you think people will see it CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about what a mammogram is like send me a private message or leave me a comment in this post. I can answer you based on my own experience or ask the experts. Just reach out and let me know how I can help you to get tested.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the American Cancer Society Action Cancer Network.

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